Whats wrong with origin right now

So on the origin app on my PC I click to redeem a game and it just keeps loading and when I go to my account on the web it gives me the error the page you are trying to access is not avalaible.

Could be a traffic issue. Everyone seems to be going made for this Humble Bundle.

I was thinking that but then I thought, its ea they must have top notch servers ready for this kinda of stuff but then I remembered Sim cities.

Oh yes. They are known for their great servers ;D

But if you look, other people are posting the about same issue.

someone forgot to order quad-opteron servers


Who needs quad-opteron servers with this kind of distribution? Welcome to the future.

No mass storage. No network management. Just people working night and day, and lots and lots of pigeons.

i like how only the code activation and some account related servers are down

either ea had abolute morons setup the servers (it is ea so that's a good possibility), or i sense treachary afoot (again, ea, good possibility)

Only EA would DDoS themselves!