Whats Up With the Nexus 6 Price Tag?

Being a proud owner of the Nexus 4 and seeing many of my friends pick up Nexus phones from the Nexus "one" to the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 5, What is Google going for with these prices? I get that it has super high end hardware and all (Da hell is the point of a "Quad HD" display on a phone?) but previous Nexus device have never been low end stuff. Maybe not the fastest processors or best display but It was very good hardware that ran Android smoothly for an AFFORDABLE price.

So my question to you guys is ... What is Google's mindset when they release a 6 in. $649 dollar phone? Like who is their target consumer group?

The Nexus 6 is more of a Target for "I want to say Enthusiast" but in Reality it's for anyone. I know too many people who have a Galaxy Note 3 just for the Battery Life. they've learned to Tolerate the Massive Screen. Really though People complain about Phones being massive but they adjust to it. just like every guy Who owned the early iPhones said the iPhone Size was Perfect, Complained about how massive the iPhone 6 Plus was and Still Picked it up. and then said it was amazing.

Also for the Argument of the QHD Display I remember when We had 720p on our Phones and then when 1080p made its entry in to Phones, People said it was pointless. and I personally think, "We" but really I mean "Everyone" is going to do the same thing again. "1440p is Pointless" Later on We are going to Stop Complaining and then ask down the line when a phone that DOESN'T have 1440p comes out we're going to complain "Why doesn't it have 1440p?"

Either Way I'm a Proud Owner of a Nexus 5, and I will Gladly Pick up this Nexus 6 in November.

No not a big ass display! I like things that fit in my pockets. Price is kinda steep for a Nexus. 

Maybe I'll pick it up once rooting has been figured out and Multi-Rom has been ported.

I do see your argument with the phone size but I feel like 6 in is just too close to a tablet IMO (being the owner the original Nexus 7) ... I feel like just as when phone makers quite some years back were racing to the who could make the smallest phones they did reach a limit when it became impractical for the AVERAGE consumer. A family member actually uses a Note 2 and I have to say even after using it as my personal daily driver for a while I really couldn't bring myself to like it.

As for the screen size argument I see your point but honestly the jump from 720p to 1080p screens was noticeable BUT I'd like to argue that it was the change in screen sizes from 2.7"/3.0" to 4.5"/4.7" that made it noticeable. The increase in screen sizes at the time led to a noticeable improvement in pixel density per inch whereas if you had upgrade a "Retina" IPhone 4 to 720p and then to 1080p without ever changing the screen size I don't think it would be as noticeable. That and the fact that I've held a G3 in one hand and a 1080p phone in another (whose name currently alludes me) and looking at the same videos and at the same webpages and at the same picture the difference was not noticeable.

Anyways that's just my opinion ... What do you think Google is going for with the price? I mean I see how similar speced phones fall in this price range and often times higher off contract but the Nexus line has always been more value oriented ... Do you think Google will launch a low-tier Nexus phone in the near future as well?

Does anyone have the overall dimensions of the Nexus 6? That is what really matters. 

I was like "Wow I would never buy a Note 4. Too huge." Then I looked and it is only slightly taller than my GS4. 

Personally the Price is NOT that bad as it seems, consider this. Apples iPhone 6 price without a contract is almost $900+ dollars. the iPhone 6 Plus is almost $1000 If I remember correctly. Samsung's Note 4 is going to be $800+ Dollars and the specs between the Nexus 6 and the Note 4 are very similar. 6 inches should be the limit on the phablet size. its the perfect size between phone and tablet. 6 Inches is fairly good for reading (if you read on a tablet) watching a Movie will be also be fairly nice with 1440p. Personally if anyone is capable of breaking the barrier between Tablet and Phone it's Google. i would of preferred to have a stylus on that phone but i would expect some backlash from Samsung saying they own the stylus built on the phone non-sense.

In reality for $650 you are getting an insanely powerful Phablet. with Stock Android. while with the competition you are going to be paying more. also if you think about it The Nexus Line was always the Best Budget Phone you can get your hands on with High End Specs. Google is definitely going to get away with this Launch as well. it's still budget orientated but It's going to be the best budget phablet you can get your hands on.

82.98mm x 159.26mm x 10.06mm

It's going to be Massive.

Christ. That is big.

The Note 4 is 78.6mm X 153.5mm X 8.5mm.

That is considerably larger.for .3in more screen real estate.

Honestly I think this is silly. Should have released it as a Nexus 5 G2 or something and kept the 5in screen but upped the resolution.  

Like I mentioned in my post above. I personally believe that we are going to adapt to it we're complaining now. but when we are all holding it and using it we'll just get used to it.


MKBHD discusses the price and size of the nexus 6 quite well - and he makes a point that for the specs, it's still not a bad price.  And apparently it's as tall as the iPhone 6 Plus.

I am of two minds. I love big phones so I could easily and happily adjust to the size. But I am steadfast in my believe that in anything under 7inch 1440p is just silly.

Once you hit 7inch happy days are here again. Go for it. Up the PPI do all the 1440p go wild. But below 7inch you are already for 90-98% of people at a fully resolved image so more than 1080p is just a drain ojnthe battery.

And that is the crux of my problem. If they could make thescreen consume almost no power, not over heat the GPU and not overheat itself (looking at you G3), then all would be fine and I would jump on the train.

But the battery in a limited resource in a phone and 1440 is an unnecessary tax upon it for minimal, if any, gain. For me it is only downsides.

I think Google is doing away with the corner cutting budget Nexus line and instead is turning it into a a true no compromise Flagship phone line.

In it's place the new Android One may the replacement for the budget Nexus phones

When I looked at the price of it my mouth fell to my desk and I face palmed then I realize that you can still get the Nexus 5 for very good value for the hardware it packs. You can also get the Moto G for next to nothing unlocked too. 

In it's place the new Android One may the replacement for the budget Nexus phones

Android One is more geared to people in India. I doubt it will enter more country's markets.  

Damn, I completely missed the whole India bit.

I do enjoy my nexus 7 2013 but fitting that bitch in meh pocket is already awkward.  Given the Nexus 6 is smaller, it isn't by much.  I personally like the smaller sized phones.  Anything bigger than 5 inches becomes a little unwieldy.  Ever try to type with one hand on a tablet.  Thats some serious fun right thar!  4.5 inches seems to be a nice sweet spot.  You can reach the majority of the screen with one hand.  It sucks for watching vidyas and all. Thats why i have a nexus 7, desktop pc and a chromecast on a 55 inch tv.  Thats how i feel aboot it though.

4.5 inches IMO is the sweet spot too. The Moto G is that size is it is perfect for one hand usage. I did have a 5 inch Android PMP, Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and that was a tad big for one hand usage but video watching was awesome on it. I wish Samsung would release another PMP like the Galaxy Player or Google in general. Bring the iPod competition and see who would come out on top!!!!

yeah it is sad we probably won't see it. We do have the Moto G and Moto E. I have the 1st Gen Moto G. The only complaint I have with it is NFC. I wish NFC becomes a standard for Android instead of a flagship feature.