What's up with my CPU?

For two days now, I have been monitoring my computer and I have found out that according to HWmonitor, at some point yesterday my cpu went up to 3 GHz and today, so far it has gone up to 2.35GHz.

Although I have not seen the cpu speed itself at that speed as I can't always be at my laptop.
The cpu is an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5750 which is a pretty old cpu for running windows 10 on.
From looking at the intel website there's no turbo-boost or hyper-threading, nor does bios have any sort of overclocking features.
Also the intel website says that the cpu will not go over 2GHz and the highest I have ever seen it is 1.995GHz by using HWmonitor and Task Manager.

Is this windows overclocking my cpu or is the readings incorrect?

Today's results

Also do you think that the temperatures are a little too high with only being 4-5*C off the Tjunction?

Go to your power settings and set it to high performance.

1) It could be reading speeds/temps wrong
2) Windows power saving modes, can overclock, downclock your cpu per needs.
3) see if task manager reports same speeds you are seeing (it actually shows clock speeds now)
4) you can check cpu-z for clock speed as well.

You say old laptop, maybe cooling issue... Have you updated your drivers?

Is it downloading windows 10 in the background ?

I always have my power settings set to "high performance" when it is pluged in.

yes, I have the most recent drivers I can get except for my wifi, and I have a cooler under the laptop.

no, I already have a clean install of windows 10 on it.

Have you ever cleared the dust out of your laptop, or redone thermal paste?

Yes I cleaned the laptop out a couple of months ago probably around October time. (I cleaned the fan as well as putting Linux on it (I put in new hdd a few weeks ago and put win 10 on it)).


I have kind of the same problem, if i OC my CPU, something something something windows does the directly opposite where the CPU is throttled like crazy.
I think MS has an issue with older architechtures.

im running a A10 8750k.