Whats up with all these 7970s?

ok originally i was looking at getting a SAPPHIRE Vapor-X, then i read that it kinda tough to get eyefinity working on it, so i then decided to go with a GIGABYTE GV-R797OC. but and then i found the xfx double d 7970 was a bit cheaper and it seems to be exactly like the r7970oc.

so out of all the 7970s out there which one would run most games at max settings and also support eyefinity??

oh yeah and im looking to buy something tomorrow for around 300-350 bucks so a quick answer will be really appreciated lol

Don't get XFX, the customer service and RMA process is terrible. If you won't do any big overclocks the Gigabyte is fine (it's voltage locked). Don't know about the Sapphire since I haven't owned one.

I actually wouldn't get any of thoughs. The parts aren't as good of quality as let's say an MSI, Asus, or HIS card are. I personally would recommend the HIS IceQ X2, as it has quality parts and is really made for overclocking. Though all three are really top notch.

If not and you want one out of the cards you chose I would go with the Sapphire one. As Gigabyte is usually voltaged locked and XFX has really seemed to have gone sour on thier customer service and quality lately which is sad.



This is one of the best for the money...


seems like we have a winner lol now the question is should i get it off amazon or new egg for $30 more and 3 free games???

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The AMD drivers are nicer than that of Nvidia now. Don't be a bad troll.

i would go with this one. Asus 7970-DC2. supports eyefinity. not voltage locked great cooling good overclockable.


Get it from Amazon.  It's cheaper, and you still get the 3 free games.

get the sapphire 7970/oc. it's what i'm running

just received my HIS IceQ X2!! had to rearrange a hard drive to make it fit. also got far cry 3, sleeping dogs, and the new saints row game. played a bit of wow max settings at about 60 fps, and gw2 at max settings at 30 fps. next ill be buying a new case and eventually mobo and cpu. thanks for the help guys and im loving the new gpu!!

Not problem and if you ever need more help with buying a new parts or overclocking the card, just let us know and we would be happy to help.