What's the right Motherboard for me?

Socket LGA 1150
CPU is Locked so no Overclock options needed
Long Lifespan
x4 USB 3.0 ,x2 (or more) USB 2.0 ,x1 PS2 ,x1 LAN

Thinking about the ,,Gigabyte GA-H97M-HD3" but interested in further suggestions.

Any preferred form factors?
If you go mATX or ITX there's some pretty neat cases.
cough Thermaltake core V21 & V1, Enthoo Evolv cough

I am going for the ,, MARS Gaming MC3 " which is an ATX.
It's cheap and has options i need.
It's an ATX. Don't know much about PC's so don't know if it will work with an mATX.

It (that case) has ATX, mATX and ITX support, so most consumer grade motherboards will fit in there.

ITX/mATX/ATX are just the different sizes of motherboards.

So once you pick the size you want all you really have left to ask is if you want to overclock, if no then ya just grab the cheapest board with decent reviews you can find.

The Mars Gaming MC3 supports Micro ATX so the Gigabyte GA-H97M-HD3 will work fine, alternates to the Gigabyte for around the same price is the Gigabyte GA-H97M-HD3H, the Asus H97M-E and the MSI H97M-G43.
Check them out, spec wise they are very similar.

(I myself quite like ASUS motherboards)

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