Whats the name of that unreleased pc game again?

I remember in one of the recent tek episodes, Logan mentioned a new game that is going to be released for pc's. I was so pumped when they showed it in the episode, but i cannot for the life of me remember the name of the game nor can i remember which episode of the tek they mentioned it in nor can i find it.

All i remember from the episode is Logan complaining about people saying it looked like "another skyrim" and he was saying it was nothing like skyrim. The game had absolutely amazing graphics. I THINK it may have been an indie game too.

It was one of those fps/sword-fighting/medieval/fantasy kind of games where you roam through dungeons killing skeletons and crap. It definitely wasn't Skywind.

I was really pumped for this games release but i cant find any information about it.  



I would really appreciate it if somebody could remind me what the name of this game was. Im really looking forward to its release.

Hyper Light Drifter?

Nah it wasn't that one. It looked similar to skyrim but had much nicer graphics.

Hellraid? Word from E3 is that it's pretty boring.

Yeeep! Thats the one. Thanks for that!

I really sure hope its not boring. It looks like a pretty decent game.