What's the Most Expensive PC

Hey, I was wondering out of curiosity what is the most expensive PC you can have? You ca only have so many CPUs on one motherboard,4 GPUs, however many HDD or SDD, 1 sound card, and so on... So going by this logic isn't their a cap to the most expensive PC you can build that will work? Case, Radiators, pumps, fittings don't count. I'm just talking about hardware.

Well, if you go over to Apple's site you can configure a Mac pro that costs almost $15k.

^ that

Here's probably your best bet for a pre-built PC. Must be £10K plus.

laptop -> EuroCom Panther 5D

max it out. I dare you. 

Well crap.  I though I was going to be fancy and list The Big O.  Since Origin doesn't actually list the price on their website, I decided to max out one of thier desktops.  Managed to pull around $21,452. Link to cart.

Challenge completed. Came out to be $30,484 Canadian, however much that is.

this one http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22667353

uh what xeons and 680s? is that for gaming for 3d rendering?

what if he signs TITAN http://www.olcf.ornl.gov/titan/ how much would that worth then.