Whats the difference?

I was looking at some builds, and I'm planning on, from help from the community here, for a Xeon mITX Gaming/VM beast rig update to my current.

This is mostly about Mobo Chipsets

Gigabyte has (probably the best mITX selection imo) two LGA1150 socket mobos that have legitimately the same specs and looks in every regard except for one thing, chipset. One is Z87, one is H87, same components, same looks, same IO, same layout, mirrored boards in my eyes.




Pray tell,

What is the difference in these boards and why would I want to spend $20-30 more for the Z87 over the H87?

Z87 is just the overclocking version of H87. You can't really overclock a Xeon so H87 will do fine :)  

It's more of a general question, like is the OC difference literally the only difference in these boards?

Like I look at two shots of these boards from the same angle and when I switch back and forth between them, there's not a single difference other than the Z is an H on the other.

With the Z87 you can overclock and use crossfire/sli, these are the only differences.

So, being on an mITX board, which can't think of what crossfire/sli is unless it were on a single card, and where overclocking is best left to the Asus boards with the Daughter boards, there's no rational reason for the Z87 to be there

Looks like $20 more into getting a more efficient PSU will be a no brainer