Whats the deal with b550 prices?

I see mid x570 boards with similar or better spec for nearly the same, or lower prices than the new b550 chipset?

i was kinda planning on getting a cheap board and the 3300x but my dreams have been shat on by the ok boards being $100+

too new still? covid? what the fuck man

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What X570 and B550 boards are you comparing? Cause honestly the B550 boards in most cases have better specs than X570 boards for the same price. Better VRM in most cases…

You know you can still go B450… Yeah, I know, they are expensive and I don’t like it either… But come on now, sub 100$ boards were never good.

new chipset with support for future CPUs and PCIe 4 technology the competition doesn’t have… Of course AMD will milk that shit. I don’t like it either, but that will be like that until Intel start puting pressure. Intel keeps their high prices, AMD have better tech and also keep their prices high.

On the other hand IF I have to buy a board today I will just get X470 TaiChi and outdo all 500 series boards featurewise…


kinda guestimating on most b550 boards but i compare using this handy google docs thing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmsTYK9Z3-jUX5LGRoFnsZYZiW1pfiDZnKCjaXyzd1o/edit#gid=2112472504

mu-muh m.2/pci ssd

i was on 1366 until like 3 years ago, i need something to last me forever again and my 1151 gen2 is shit tbh

Hold on for AM5 next year… Knowing AMD it will last for another 4 years…

Nothing is gonna last forever.
There is simply no such thing as future proofing.

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SATA vs NVME blind test by LTT and most people picked the SATA SSD machine as most responsive doing “general stuff” including gaming.

On paper m.2 is way faster, in reality (especially in Windows) other factors impact real world performance in many things. Unless you literally spend your day doing copies to and from m.2 (and chances are your source disk/network will be slower than NVME or even SATA SSD anyhow) the benefit of m.2 SSD is limited. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but its not always a thing.

And b450/x470 can do m.2 anyway, just not pcie4 speed m.2/NVME.

If (as per LTT) you likely won’t notice the difference between SATA and NVME in general use on PCIe3 then the difference between NVME on PCIe3 vs PCIe4 will be even less frequently noticeable.

This matches my own experience. I game and do “general stuff” in my X470/2700X build, have 3.5 TB of various SSDs in it and I can’t tell the difference in regular use. I went cleaning up my steam library last night even and had to check which SSD they were installed on to confirm. A lot of what I thought was on NVME was (already) on SATA.

This 100%.

Buy what you need/can get away with today. Things always (over the long term) get much cheaper bang for buck; wasting money on high end things you do not need today is not going to win you any future proofing at all.

At the end of the day, even if you go b450 you’ll still be on par with whatever mainstream chipset intel have available today.

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