What's the current state on Wayland running on Nvidia?

Since i don’t have a disk kicking around to quickly test it:
How is wayland working for nvidia users by now? A few months back, i couldn’t get Gnome or Plasma to work and sway was a hot mess.
Since i run a mixed DPI, mixed Refreshrate Tripple Screen setup, i’d really like to take advantage of wayland.

Don’t you have a system with an available Wayland session? If you are running gnome or kde there should be a way for you to enable it to test.

As far as I know, EGLStream which is NVidia’s buffer API is supported in both Gnome and KDE. Not sure what the state of XWayland is with nvidia drivers right now though, and I think this was the biggest issue with it, that NVidia proprietary drivers didn’t support XWayland properly.

From what I can find here, at least with Gnome, there is support, but they there are still limitations. https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/Wayland/NVIDIA

My spare “for playing” SSD currently houses my fresh Gentoo install. I’d rather not 1. nuke that or 2. try to get wayland running on my first successfull Gentoo installation. I guess i’ll have to get the 120G SSD out of my spare Laptop to try it.

AFAIK there is a “wayland” USEflag for nvidia-drivers on gentoo

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Yes there is, i just don’t feel like fcking up my first working Gentoo install by enabling a USE flag i’m not sure makes a working config.

worst case scenario, you can drop to TTY, remove the useflag and just emerge --ask -uDU @world

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If running with GentooLTO hasn’t broken my system yet, just adding wayland will not break yours. And yes, I am running KDE Plasma on Wayland on Gentoo, with LTO-ed Mesa to boot.