What's the best sub £200 android phone?

Am needing a new phone as my old Omnia fails in every single way and so I need to know what is the best android phone I can buy in that price bracket.

On or Off contract?

HTC Desire X, just over £200 from Amazon offline

LG motion.

theres an image that was factory, clocked at 1.5ghz instead of 1.2... get the phone, flash with the old 1.5 ghz image. install updates. win

Wait for the new HTC M7. Its gonna be a beast. It will have a Quad-Core 1.7ghz processor, 2GB Ram, and a 4.7 inch screen. And since its from HTC it won't be that hard to unlock the bootloader and root. Rumors say it will come out Feburary 19th. The only problem is I don't know what the exact pricing will be, as I live in the United States.   I am guessing if it will be on a contract it should be $200 which is about 149.68 euro.

I would look for a Samsung Galaxy II it is a few years old and the prices are around $200 on Ebay. That is what I am looking for, I need to upgrade from My G1 it has gone as far as it could go.

From the G1, Nexus S is a big step and can be had for 100$ (not sure about the conversion).

Or my current, HTC MyTouch4G with custom CM10 ROM, also 100$.

I'd look at Huawei. They aren't that popular and well known but they produce good mid-budget phones with Android.