What's the best Micro ATX AM3+?

Hellooo everybody,

I'm building a low power/budget/still good gaming/editing PC but it has to fit within a micro ATX case...

it's actualy a old macintosh G3 im modding to fit a Micro ATX board

[Image] : http://www.stevesonian.com/museum/desktop/PowerMac_G3_Blue_And_White/downloads/pictures/PowerMac_G3_3q.jpg

I have looked at the Asus M5A88-M, that is the best one i could find... but i miss the internal USB3 connecter that im going to add to the case...

any other suggestions?

There are no good Micro-ATX Am3+ boards on the market currently.

I kinda have to agree with nwhiteman. Unless you plan on stuffing a Phenom II x4 965 or an FX-4300 on the stocket, the power regulation on the m-ATX AM3+ boards is utter shit and wont support much of any overclock even with a 4 core processor.

okay, thank you guys

guess i'll have to look for something else...