What's the best MATX case?

I'm just looking to build a well rounded pc built around the microATX formfactor. But I'm stuck on trying to find a that will do the job. The setup will be mostly for gaming, nothing extreme like 2560x1440, I'll be playing at most 1920x1080 will having the capability to multitask. The reason for that is I'll be heading off to college soon and want a nice quality computer to push through the years. Here are the parts that will be implemented : 

CPU : i5 3570k

CPU Cooler : I'd like to have an h100 if possible but if not a phanteks or something to do the job well.

MOBO : Asus maximus v gene

RAM : 8/16 gb Mushin redline ram  (Which would be better 8 or 16?)

GPU : VisionTek hd radeon 7970 3 gb

Storage : 120 gb Kingston Hyper x 3k 

                2 tb Western Digital Caviar Black

PSU : 850w XFX 80+ Silver

Optical Drive : LG Blu-ray drive.


Peripherals : Monitor : Asus VS247H-P 23.6"

                     Keyboard : Coolermaster CM Storm Quick Fire Pro


I already have a copy of Windows, a mouse and a headset. The total is gonna come out to be around $1900-1950, so including the case I'd like to keep it aroung 2k. 

Don't think there is much else to say but to thank you fellows in advance for the help. Thank you for your time, TehNewbie. :D


I appologize dudes/dudettes I forgot the sound card : Creativelabs Recon3d Fatality Pro.

I assume you're going to overclock with that asus board and H100 cooler right?


Yes sir.


you won't need a add on sound card, it has a dedicated sound card that's actually a bit better, you also have Msata and mini-PCI- express for wifi cards and m-sata SSDs


There is also a Cherry brown version but idk the difference

games like uber low latencies, that ram is faster than 2000 becuase of it

PSU is modular, you won't need more than 750w

That water cooler is about 4C cooler than the H100 due to its thicker rad

The cosair fans are specifically made for rads and heat sinks, just get one set for now see if you can fit a push pull configuration with 4 fans, if you can get another set

put the 140mm that was at the top on the side as intake, once you get another set of cosair fans put the 2 thermatake fans one in the front, and the other on bottom


This [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146065&Tpk=nzxt%20vulcan]case[/url] is pretty bitchin' for the price...

Also, why not a Razer Blackwidow? Currently 69 for brownbox, standard fare, Cherry blues.  Question on the Proc/Mobo, why not 2011?  That would future proof it even further, and like this [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115229]i7-3820[/url] and this mobo [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157283]ASrock Extreme-4 mATX[/url]? It'd come out a wee bit more, but it'll have that much more oomph.

[url=http://pcpartpicker.com/p/iTj8]Here's[/url] something I came up with, just shy of $1700 US.  The 7870 is still a pretty god damn strong contender.

Dude, am I glad I ran into you. After all those changes to things that I had that were unneccesary you saved me about 200 dollars! And the case, i was kinda stuck between that fractal line and the In Win Dragon Slayer. But the In Win didn't have the mounting area for the closed-loop water cooler. Although the In Win did have the function to have 2 really long GPU's, does the fractal design arc mini have that expandability or will it hit the bottom HDD cage?

Also if I put 2 high end GPUs right next to each other it might get hot... so what do you think would be a cool upgrade in the future to put in the bottom PCIe x4 slot?

I appreciate the time you set aside to help me, thanks agian, TehNewbie.

I would only go with Corsair and Antec cooling, as the others, in my experience have been unreliable.  Linus also agrees!

becuase 2011 i7 witha 7870 is slower for gaming than a 3570K witha 7970

nope you can put it in the 2nd Gen 3 slot, just put this bad boy on it

assuming you'll have 2 7970s

for all other cards

as for the HDD cages I don't see you needing all 6 3.5 slots with a SSD and a 2TB drive (would you even need more?) so you can remove the cages if need be but I would switch the cage orintation, like turn it so the fans can blow straight to the GPU passing through the cage those are 10.22" cards so they *should fit even without removing the cages

Cool upgrades

those are case fans not Rad fans use the Cosair fans for rad fans, they have red bands (for orange color schemes), blue bands (for blue color schemes) and white bands (for white color schemes)

be sure to take pictures and post them and how you like it when you get done, its going to be badass and I can't wait to see it

just go NZXT http://www.amazon.com/Vulcan-Enthusiast-M-ATX-Handle-VULCAN/dp/B003IPOYGK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348979616&sr=8-1&keywords=NZXT+Crafted+Series+Vulcan+Black+Steel+%2F+Plastic+Gaming+mATX+Computer+Case

That's why, notoonah, I mentioned the Vulcan in my part build :)

I mentioned that case before but everyone said it looked ugly, it is a cheaper option and would be good for lans but the fracyal looks nice and has better airflow, you also couldn't fit a ultra think rad 240 rad like the thermatake in push pull config

I'm a cheap tightwad, I'd go with the fractal

The fractal is 20 more lol.  And You could squeeze it in. The top has a space for a 240 rad.

Thank you guys for all of your opinions, CaptainPancakes I took a look at the case you recommended and it was a very intimidating case. I could see however it would be a better way to go if I was a gamer tat traveled alot to lan parties and such. But I'm a normal southern boy that enjoys the quality of the product and not so much the looks. That's why I don't really care about super high res or cases with flames and horns. Not saying your case has those things, it's just a bit flashy for my liking.That's why I'm opting for the fractal case cause it's understated and won't go out of style anytime soon. I appreciate your help through. 

As for posting the pics on the offical rig thread, I probably woun't be fully purchasing this system till around Christmas time when the sales are around and maybe the 7970 will drop in price abit and be able to afford a second one then with that fancy ARCTIC cooler thing. So if you wanna see it that bad be sure to mark your calander for sometime in January. :) 

I sincerily appreciate all the help you fellows have offered to help me get the best for my money, cause now I'm a bit OCD when it comes to spending my money. I've already been through a 350$ Toshiba laptop that the Walmart salesman said was a great starter for me and what I use now, a 600$ all-in-one (mistake there) pc from hp, is already becoming REALLY slow. But I didn't know jack squat then. Now that I've found Tek Syndicate and you dudes I couldn't be happier with the amount of pc knowledge that I had obtained over the past few months.

Thanks agian for your time and I'll post the pics early next year! - TehNewbie.