Whats the best graphics card for streaming for the money?

fanboi!!!!! the 290 is faster and only dumb x86 users air cool!

capture card would be the best option.

While it will only record up to 1080p, if you game at 4K, it will downscale the video to 1080p, so to you the gamer, you are seeing 4K, but the encoder is downscaling its frame buffer to 1080p.


Same if you do triple monitor gaming, it will try to do some combination/ aspect ratio that adds up to 2 megapixels per frame.


Nvidia claims to be working on windowed mode recording, though they are still taking a long time with it (laziness? )


If they add windowed recording, then it will be awesome for all round gaming use.


I hope that one day they allow the desktop its self to be the target for recording, thus allowing for better recording of anything, like with standard screen recorders.


Yes, I'm a fanboy of well built, cool running, quiet cards, regardless of who makes them......and I don't see anything in the OP about water cooling?

 I'm quite sure the vast majority of x64 and x86 here air cool too. 

gtx 780 ti