Whats the best gmail alternative?

Title pretty much says it all. Looking for another free email service.


helpful dude, real helpful.


You have a few but none of them look really like Gmail. 

Yahoo Mail






Zoho Mail

Or you could buy a domain (cheap) and setup you're own mail system with a free host. Really if you want a more narrow search you should state what you like and dislike about gmail, that might give the community a better idea where to point you.

I'm just curious, why the switch?


If you want a good encrypted free not in the US email there is Tutanota.

I like GMX.  gmx.com

Solid email service very little bull shit.

Yep, GMX has a very good e-mail app for android for instance and supports all open source software features, and doesn't let Google know your stuff, so it's definitely a step up from the like of Gmail and Outlook.

BUT, it's still not perfect forwards secrecy, even though fully encrypted both client-server and server-server.

The best GMail alternative is to host your own e-mail. That's so easy to do these days. Yunohost is probably the easiest to set up. Kolab is a very good groupware solution for people with experience in IT.

For people that don't want to host themselves, there's always posteo.de, which is not only very cheap, but also very secure and privacy aware, in that it doesn't rely on CA's any more, it uses full encryption/perfect forward secrecy, and it also has CalDAV syncing. The servers use 100% energy from renewable energy sources and the entire operation tries to make as small an ecological footprint as possible, which also reduces the overhead, so that the price can be kept low. The entire operation is free of debt, so that commercial interests cannot prevail over the privacy interests of the customers. The service is also proven, and very reliable.

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buy domain and set up your own.

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run a server and set up your own.

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How much money do you have? Because if you really want a little more control, get your own domain, even if you dont run your own email server, you can usualy get it for free. gandi provides email as part of a domain and although you wont control the server their on the emails wont be scanned for ads or marketing or for selling info.

Failing that protonmail provides a lot of protection.

I thought hosting your own mail server was problematic because you have to do a lot of maintenance work to keep your spam checker up-to-date; otherwise you will get blacklisted pretty quickly, which is supposedly very hard to undo?