Whats the best CPU out?

as the title says, Whats the best CPU out for consumers to buy. I'm gonna guess a server cpu. I read that the highest clock speed on an amd chip (it didn't say which one) is 8.3 ghz, and i was like 0.0 holy balls! this is what I read http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/13/amd-gets-guiness-world-record-for-fastest-cpu-with-overclocked-o/

oh yeah and this one is pretty "cool" http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/09/26/liquid-nitrogen-8ghz-and-plenty-of-putty-the-worlds-fastest-processor/

just to clarify a little bit, i mean in raw computing power not price to performance.

CPUs are supposed to be fit for purpose. They are all geared differently. Run different instruction sets, have different architectures. Clock speeds are not an apples to apples comparison.

Clocks speed have little to no impact. A 2GHz with newer and more efficient architecture could be outperforming a 3GHz with an older architecture.

Are you looking for the CPU with the best performance, where cost isn't a concern?

I'm quite aware, i just thought it was fascinating that someone reached 8.3 ghz on their liquid nitrogen cooled cpu. So your saying that there is no "best"?


I mean the Intel hex-core extreme models are likely the best out, practically regardless of purpose... but who has $1000 to blow on a CPU... and why would you need one?

My point is: it depends what you're using it for. Sometimes, this is game-specific. Some games prefer Intel, some prefer AMD; or Nvidia for GPUs.

the answer i was looking for, thanks.

Then it's not the "best CPU", in my opinion. You can get similar gaming performance for less than $200. Again, it's whatever is fit for purpose. Surely, the price/performance is top consideration for "best" CPU?

I assumed he meant the most raw computing power

"gaming performance". Gaming is far from what separate CPU in terms of performance.

@OP you could be looking at the xeon e5


i agree with Berserker

its all depending on where you gonne use the system for. For gaming a socket 2011 cpu, is basicly pointless.

FX8350 is in my opinnion still one of the best price to performance cpu´s.For gaming streaming, and also rendering, and editing. Also the Xeon E3-1230-V3 is a great option

I just used gaming as an example. I know that some of the lower end 2011 CPUs can lose to 115x chips. And the way I chose to approach it wasn't simply performance. Price was my main consideration.

8320 is far better prices.

He is asking for the best CPU with performance in mind. Money isn't a concern.