Whats the best CPU for around $100

What should i get an AMD or a Intel CPU for around $100 but no more then $200. Thanks. 

Depends on what your needs are. I'm rather fond of the A8-5600k.

the FX 4300 or 6300 should land right in the middle of that budget and are great CPU's. 

It will mostly be for gaming.

Is there any differense between the two? i only saw a small differens in the speed.

the 4300 has 2 Piledriver modules, and the 6300 has 3 Piledruver modules. 1 Piledriver module = 2 cores.

So 4 cores vs 6. It might not be a whole lot of difference today, but it might be worthwhile to get the 6 core FX-6300 for down the road because it seems like games are going the route of smaller, weaker, but more cores, at least if the PS4 is any indication since that is using 8 low power (I believe 1.9GHz but don't quote me) jaguar cores.

the FX-4300 is a four core, the FX-6300 is a six core.

Fx 6300 has 2 more cores will be faster for rendering etc.

along with more L2 and L3 cache for the FX-6300

Arround 100 dollar one of he quadcore phenoms.

100-200 the FX8350

Ok thank you all I'm going with a AMD FX-6300

Good choice! The FX-6300 can be quite a nice gaming chip - very overclockable as well.

I like the AMD Phenom II X6 1045T. It isn't fully unlocked, but it can be readily overclocked by twiddling around with the bus rate. Still works perfectly well with almost all AM3+ boards, and it only costs around $100 right now. I plan on buying one of those when my tax refund comes in. Unless AMD finally releases info about their next CPU...

Thank, yeah I saw that there wasn't much of price diffrence, check out my earlier post for the full build and tell me watch you think 

Phenom 965 BE is around 100 now. It's a beast when Oc'd.