Whats the best CPU for a Radeon HD 7990

So I bought the Graphics card not thinking of my current Phenom ii x4 965....So anything would be better than this CPU. I would like to stick with AMD because I have a AMD mother board and dont have enough money to make a full switch to intel. Any help would be great!

Your motherboard?
Anything less than say an 8320/50 or i5 will most likely hold back your gpu a shit ton.

Gigabyte 990FXA-UDA (am3+)

UD3 or UD5

Whoops typo...UD3

And what revision of the ud3/ud5? If you don't know we can find out from a picture.


8320, 8350, or the 8370e / 8320e (energy saving ones). Otherwise if you were to hunt around for cheap a 2nd hand 8150/8120 etc
Just be sure to update your BIOS

Thank You!

WAIT! No the Ud3 revision 1 is not thermally capable to handle a 8350 or 8370. You can TRY a 8370e, but you need to update your bios and closely monitor your temperatures. The revision 1 is not a good board with the 8 core parts.

What would be just a better board?

The Asus 990fx pro 2.0 has been the go to recommendation for AM3+ for a long time, but if you wanted to save some cash you could grab a MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition

As long as there is no oc'ing and there is adequate airflow over the board it should be ok but yes there are known issues.

No no it was not up to par dude. The revision 1 was horrible, like I wouldn't trust it at stock volts on an 8350.

thanks for the recommendations. ill probly grab a msi 970A SLI Krait Edition.

Only trouble I've had with the rev 1.0 was the lack of LLC.

Agreed !! A better mb is in order. Doesn't the Krait catch on fire and burn? :) Msi is mostly terrible for anything but stock and even then some things have issues.

The old g43 was horrid but I think the Krait has been fine so far.

So If I buy this board it not going to catch fire....is it?

Just referring to some youtube vids. It is mostly about power delivery. Which you will want the best for your dollar.