What's the best choise? (Specs)

Hello, im going to buy a "used" computer on the internet, because I can't afford a new "high-end" right at the moment, anyway.. all of them have really good specs, and I can get them for the same price. but i don't know which i should buy, because everyone are good in its own way...

PC 1

3 Months old, on sale becuase owner are buying a new house and need money.

  1. CPU - Intel i7-3930k
  2. Motherbord - Asus Sabertooth X79
  3. RAM - 16GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3
  4. Graphic Cards - Two MSI HD 7970 3GB (running in Crossfire)
  5. Soundcard - Asus Xonar D2X
  6. Power supply - Corsair AX1200W
  7. CPU-Cooler - Corsair H100i
  8. SSD - Samsung 830 512GB
  9. HDD - Two 1 TB
  10. Case - NZXT Phantom White
  11. OS - Win 8 PRO Nordic


PC 2 

3 Months old, on sale because owner don't use it as much as he thought he was going to do.

  1. Case - CM Storm Trooper Gaming Big Tower
  2. Power supply - Corsair TX 850W PSU
  3. CPU - Intel® Core i7-3770K Processor
  4. Motherboard - MSI Z77A-GD55, Socket-1155 ATX
  5. RAM - Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 16GB (8GBx2)
  6. Graphic Card - Gainward GeForce GTX 690 4GB
  7. SSD - Samsung SSD 840 PROSeries 256GB
  8. HDD - WD Desktop Green 2TB
  9. DVD Writer - Samsung DVD Writer, SH-224BB
  10. CPU-Cooler - Intel Air cooling
  11. OS - MS ROYALTY Win 8 PRO Nordic


PC 3

One months old, on sale because owner got in to school in another contry.

  1. CASE - Corsair Obsidian 650D Midi Tower Sort
  2. Motherboard - Hovedkort: MSI Z77 MPower
  3. CPU - Intel Core i5-3570K
  4. Graphic Cards - Two EVGA GeForce GTX 770 (running in SLI)
  5. Power supply - Corsair TX 750M
  6. RAM - Corsair Dominator 8GB 1600MHz + im going to buy 8GB more myself i i buy this one.
  7. SSD - Samsung 830, 256GB
  8. CPU-Cooler - Corsair H100i Hydro

+Every fan in the case are changed out with corsair quiet edition

All of the computers are in good very shape. The owners have sendt me picures of the computers, and everything look nice. all of the parts on all of the computers have warranty, lowest warranty is 2 years, but some parts used have even more.

Im going to play and might record some gameplay, but the games im going to play are
Battlefield 4, Skyrim, Bioshock123, Metro Last Light/Metro 2033, All of the Arma games, Borderlands 2, Deus Ex, Crysis 123, Just Cause and fallout New Vegas/3

When i play games like Borderlands 2 where they use Nvidia Physx, I want to play with it on max, i allso want to max out most of the games, but also play with high FPS.
Im also going to download allot of graphic/gameplay mods for skyrim and fallout, so ceep that in mind.

My PC monitor is a  BenQ 24" LED XL2420T, and i might buy 2 more in the future, so i can play games on 3 monitors.

I take any help i can get! I'm going to buy one of them next week, so I will post witch one i both in the comments then. 
In advance, thank you for using your time! :)

The first one no question. The individual parts are worth the most and will more than probably perform the best.

Yeah the first one  is realy nice.  i would go for it. a intel 3930K can´t be beaten by a 3770K nor 3570K in therms of performance. also a  CF 7970 is realy sweet.


They are all adequate for your needs. Is there any difference in pricing? I don't see any information regarding that.

Option 1 is a beast, but it might be advisable to go for the cheapest system.

he said  that they are all at the same price so yeah then i would go for the 3930K ☺

Hello, im going to buy a "used" computer on the internet, because I can't afford a new "high-end" 

Realy? because these are some hugely expensive rigs the cpu and mobo on the first is $1500 usd atleast.


well the 3930K is arround $570 the sabertooth is $325, 2 7970´s will be arround $700. that psu will be over $200 that is allready $1700 so yeah its a nice rig ☺

im currious about the price for it..

I'm curious too. If they are roughly the same price, that means some are over-valued, or possibly a really cheap price. Its crazy.

I can get all the computers for around 1980USD each.

I thought you said you couldn't afford anything high-end? $2000 is an awful lot. Not unusual for people to try and sell their PCs at a ridiculous value. I would have thought they would go for a lot less than that.

Make a brand new gaming/editing rig for $1500 :P You only really need a single GPU.


Chose parts that are optimised for silence, which should help with streaming/recording. I also picked the ROG Hero, because it has good overclocking features and a quality sound card - also good for recording.

The i7 might be a little overkill, I don't deem in necessary in most circumstances. Might save a little extra by using an i5.

You can change the dual 7950s to a 780 if you want. Or use a single 7950.