What's stopping someone from doing something illegal on my network?

For example, couldn't someone with a really powerful antenna a mile away break into my network and use it to do some sort of cybercrime? Could my neighbor know how to break WPA2, and download CP on my network or to my computer?

Is reality really that scary or am I oversimplifying things? I did a quick google search and it seems like backtrack5 can break WPA2 but I'm not to well versed in computer security. 

How can I better guard myself?


(sorry for going ultra paranoid on you guys)

yes, a mile may be a large exaggeration, but otherwise, it is entirely possible for someone to use your network for illegal stuff. they can't really do anything to your computers over wifi, but the encryption can be cracked by several methods. I've done it myself, although I'm not the kinds of asshole that would use someone else's network for illegal purposes.

to maximise your security,


    obviously, make sure your password is secure. use at least 10 characters, the longer the better. use numbers and capitalization to increase the complexity.


    Disable WPS.

    I once cracked a network using wpa2 encryption, where the WPS key was 12345670. even though the password itself was a 16+ character long passphrase -with numbers, caps, etc- reaver was able to crack the encryption in less than 30 seconds, and that was on my laptop that only has an i5-2450m and no real gpu. unfortunately, you can't change the 8-digit pin, and a pin that short is a vulnerability in the first place...


    set up your encryption with TKIP. Reaver cannot crack encryption that uses TKIP.


those three things will give you excellent security, but just remember that it''s never 100% secure

Thanks for the information. 

It's scary that so many people are at risk of this and I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

I agree with Commissar on this, having a long password with WPA2 and using TKIP is the best way to go. Speaking of which, I will put this in with my guide to securing your home network. Another way of amping the security up is with MAC Address Authentication, I am currently in the works on that video. Which I will be going over the basic setup, how it works, the pros, cons and all that jizz jazz. So basically to sum it up, the basics of it.

You're probably overworying, its unlikely you live in a street surrounded by hackers. I'd watch that old guy with those creepy sunglasses that keeps walking into your garden with a netbook and a 10 foot antenna though, he might be up to something.

Commissar covered most of what I was going to say.. But keep in mind that unless you're targeted by someone who's out to get you in trouble, your odds of being selected are slim to none. There are PLENTY of non-residential, high speed wifi spots that are WEP or just open for people seeking do to illegal activity, and those are the targets. Not by any means trying to undermine security, but parking near your house to break your WPA and use your internet is impractical from a criminals standpoint.



yeah, you only have to deal with neigbors that want free wifi, like me. (I don't ahve a home wifi network, and no wired router here, the modem only has 1 port)

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