What's my wattage?

I've been using several calculators, and I've gotten stuff from around 200W to 500W.  I'm not sure which one to trust; do and of you have an idea of what wattage I should be using?



Well that build with what you have shouldn't draw more than 300W. But that build is crap. Underpowered and overpriced.

Keep the CPU. 

TThat motherboard is junk. Will probably fail and if not it will strangle the CPU by not giving it enough power. The Asus M5A99FX Ego and Pro are good choices. As is the GIGABYTE 990FX-UD3 I believe its called. Although I'd go with the Asus. 

You don't need 16GB of RAM. Especially if this is just a gaming PC. Get a 2X4GB kit. Cheapest you can find as RAM is RAM. You can always add more later if needed. 

The HDD is good but consider getting an SSD too. They really help responsiveness. If get the Crucial MX100 120GB version. 

The GPU. The 750 is okay but pretty slow. Get an R9 270. Much better. Or if you can afford it an R9 280(X). Those can be had for under $200. If you have a little more to spend then get an R9 290 for around $230. 

You don't need those case fans. 

For this build I'd recommend a minimum of a 600W PSU. The CX series from Corsair is decent and cheap. 

It would be helpful to know your budget and what you want to use this PC for. 

Thank so much you for the help.  I'm taking your word for the motherboard, which did seem a bit nicer anyway.  Same with the ram.  It's just for gaming.  As for the SSD, I'm trying to keep the budget down right now, but I may add one in the future.  I think I'm okay with my GPU, especially because the R9 reviews aren't that great.  As for the case fans, you were definitely right.  I forgot I put those in there. 

Are you sure about the graphics card?


I agree with DerKreiger on almost all of his build recommendations, this thread included. The GTX 750 is really only good for extremely low wattage builds or HTPCs. If you game you'll be disappointed in a 750 or 750 Ti, with the R9 270X or GTX 760 as the minimum cards you'll want. If you can swing it, an R9 280 or 280X will be significantly faster in 99.99999% games. That, and going with an AMD card means you can pick up a card made by Sapphire, which to me are hands down the best card maker on the market.

Other than that, your updated build looks good. Motherboard is good, RAM is good, WD Blue will be sufficient until you want an SSD, and the Corsair 450D is a pretty good case.

I looked into the R9 270X and I think I'll go with that.  You were definitely right about that.  I went with a Corsair CX PSU.  Together, they did go a little above my budget, but it seems worth it.


Is there something I'm missing?

600W is still very overkill

an 8350 and a midrange card will pull 300W tops from the wall while gaming

an 8350 may be less efficient than the tests cpu but it is not several hundred watts more.

Are you saying I should get a lower wattage PSU?

If you find a PSU of equal quality but for a lower price and wattage I'd say save a few bucks and get a 500W or maybe a 450W

CX500M is a good choice, It's cabling is also semi-modular

What did you mean when you said that the FX8350 would become less efficient than the tests?

in the tests they used a $1000 intel 4960x. It's more powerful yes and can draw more power But in terms of power efficiency the intel uses less power for less doing the same work.

meaning in the chart I showed. if the test was run with an 8350 there watts would be higher, But not that much higher.

He's saying that it probably uses more power than the CPU the reviewers are using. But it's not a significant amount. I'm sure my i5 2500k OC'ed to 4.5ghz uses close to the same amount of power that your FX8350 uses, and my load temps are well below 300w with a more power hungry GPU as well.

So what wattage should I be using with the 8350 and sapphire GPU?

Anything around 500w will work. But if you want, you can invest more. I got a 850w because I plan on using the same PSU for the next couple builds in the coming years. Who knows what we'll gave by then.