What's it's refresh rate?

How come some monitors don't tell you their refresh rate (in the specs)?




If it is not advertised its normally 60hz.  They will advertise it if the refresh rate is high like 120hz or 144hz

I'd say because it rarely varies. CRT monitor refresh rate had to be an increment of the power current, hence 60hz. LCD's don't have that limitation, but that became a standard. It's safe to assume 50-60hz (same as power input) most likely 60Hz. Refresh rate can also vary based on connection, particularly with HDMI standards.

If it's a recent monitor (withing 5+ years) it will probably be 60hz. No less than 50hz.

They don't normally advertise it because it's sort of an unwritten standard. like jerm1027 said, they tend to only advertise it if it's different. Eg 144hz high refreshrate monitors

Thanks for the replies guys.  

but 1ms (gtg) aka grey to grey for a pixel