What's in your tool-kits/USB Keys?

I used to have a hand full of software/lists on my external til it took a shit... Just curious to see what people have on hand (Must haves\good to have).  Things like the following:

CCleaner, ComboFix, HiJackThis, Hirens & other live boots... etc.

It's sad I had quite a bit more in mind.  I been relying on external storage space like people rely on a phone's phone book to remember numbers and now that I lost my counter part I am at somewhat a loss.  Thanks for partaking.

CCleaner Professional portable, Malwarebytes setup file, sometimes Combofix (although I don't exactly know what is does) Windows 7 x64 .iso file, Defraggler and some other things.

Yea, also use defraggler and malwarebytes.  Used to use something before malwarebytes but heard this was a better method and completely forgot what the other was called since lol.  Anyone else add to this thread? Could help myself and others rebuild (Re-collect).

Oh yes, WinRAR is definently combined with my Win7 ISO just to make sure I always have that.  I re-packed my Win7 DVD/USB to have a more single source installation;

WinRAR, Firefox, CCleaner, Office 07, Avast, and usually some updates.

surprised no one mentioned kon-boot. ;p

Backtrack bootable USB, Windows 7 bootable USB, Super anti-spyware, malware bytes, CCleaner, 7Zip, Defraggler.

Are there any anti-malware programs that run from Linux that will scan for Windows malware?