Whats currently the best solution for Running Android Apps on Linux

I’m currently in the Situation, that i’d like to run two or three specific Android Apps on my Manjaro machine.
What is the current easiest/most performant solution to do this. I’ve seen shashlik and gotten that to work, but startup time is atrociously slow and apps in general run rather poorly.
I’ve also read something about chrome being able to do this, but didn’t dive any deeper.

Finally, is an Android x86 VM an option?
I don’t care to much about the interface. Dynamic Resolution would be nice, but isn’t a hard requirement. Being able to run at atleast 720p or 1080p is though. I know some apps will lok wonky, but the ones i’m looking at should work decently.

Android Q has a built in desktop mode.

Android x86 works okay. But you have to go through a manual installation where you can also set a new resolutio.
I haven’t tried it in a while but it should be better now.
What I did to overcome the problem is use a ready to use VMware disk with Remix OS. But it’s now outdated and not supported anymore.

There are also other spin of Android x86 but never tried any of them.