What's bottlenecking my GPU

Where is my bottleneck that’s keeping my GPU at 79-80% here? For some reason I’m only getting around 55fps despite having power to spare. Meanwhile in this screenshot i’m at 85% usage and 60fps.

My specs:
ASUS Prime B350-Plus Motherboard
Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7Ghz
ASUS GTX 960 4GB Strix running in OC mode using ASUS GPU tweak II
16GB 2933MHz Team Dark RAM
Windows 10

If you turn up the settings in Witcher 3, and your fps gets worse, does the gpu utilization percentage go up?

i’ll check

CPU bottleneck.

Novigrad is really hard on CPUs.

Just to say why, I suspect its a ryzen optimization thing holding back your gfx card. Lower fps figure lowers cpu load, so just testing a theory with that. Yes I know the cpu isn’t showing anywhere near 100% on the performance monitor overlay, that doesn’t necessarily mean its not the cpu holding it back.

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Witcher 3 is generally GPU bound except for towns and other areas with relatively short draw distances and high NPC count.

In those cases, even a heavily OCed i5, can bottleneck a 390. With a 1080 even at 1440p it will bottleneck. Even if you’re not seeing 100 CPU usage (which is common with Ryzen)

Though a 960 is pretty weak. It shouldn’t be struggling that much.

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I’m on medium settings in the two pictures there, on high with hairworks off my GPU load is about 81% with the framerate down to about 48fps

Get your gpu outputting like 30fps, or even full “cinematic 24fps” mode. Like turn the settings as high as they go. I suspect what @DerKrieger is saying is accurate

I bet faster ram with super low timings would help things. Just spittballing but its prolly dat core latency that’s getting you here, not necessarily processing power. Something like 3600Mhz CL12 make this game fly tbh

Set everything on max and turn on Hairworks on max. Go to the countryside.

Can you get 99% usage there?

I thought so myself but this seems like something else as raising his settings is actually decreasing his GPU usage which shouldn’t happen.

Witcher 3 is relatively easy to force to a GPU bottleneck. Especially with a card like a 960. HW should do it

just tried ultra settings in town, 77% usage now @ 31fps will go to countryside now

Are there settings that would increase settings on the CPU such as like something “higher NPC” count? I don’t have the game so idk .-.

The law of diminishing returns comes down hard with RAM speed. 2933 should be decent enough on a 960.

Def seems like something else to me

about 84-87% in just some field not far from a town, images coming, cpu seems like its not used almost at all

edit: found a 90% area further off


Every core is under 20%

In the afterburner screenshot, the right-most gpu percentage is maxed. I believe that is power. Have you tried maxing the power limit? I’d also raise your fan speed as your sitting at 85C already.

I’m also not completely disuaded that it’s not the ram speed. Team dark only makes DDR4 3000 in CL16, which is relatively slow. Cas Latency matters too when we’re talking about DRAM impact.

Yeah something isn’t right here. Should def be 99% there.

Have you updated your drivers lately? Did you ever use an AMD GPU on this system?

To answer both of you, my drivers are from the 8th of this month, and i’ve never used anything but this gpu in this system. I’ve never tried doing any manual overclocking of my GPU before.

CAS latency has relatively little impact on Ryzen game performance. Clock speed matters more.

The difference between 2933 16 and 3200 14 is almost nothing. 16 is decently tight for timings on Ryzen.

I think that is fan speed and it looks to be 65C to me. A power limit would just cause lower clocks. Shouldn’t reduce usage

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I see.

Have you tried any other games to see if they exhibit the same behavior?