What's a Small Enough Case to Fit in a Backpack?

I'm making a mini-ITX build log in a few weeks and I'm wondering what case would be ideal for this build. I travel often and I have a 15 inch laptop backpack but no laptop. Fortunately, the places I go to have monitors and such already, and my KB&M fit in my bag with room to spare. However my current system is too large for it, and lugging it around is inconvenient. Especially when it comes to setting it up after arriving. So I'm "rebuilding" it with new parts and I need help.

First things first, the case. It's where everything goes and it sort of defines what other parts I'll be picking. Outside RAM, my SSD and CPU, of course. I'm, leaning toward the Fractal Design Node 202, Silverstone RVZ-01, and the Cooler Master Elite 130. Anything like those (or reasons to avoid them for this project) would be greatly appreciated!

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I use the Pentium G3258 in my personal rig myself. Great when overclocked! Thanks!

Well, CM Elite 110 is like the smallest thing... It gives the option for full ATX PSU, that i appreciate. However, it is really small and may cause some issues with building in it...

Sup. My backpack was built for 17" laptops. Thought I would add that.

It fits both my desktop and laptop including all perphs minus keyboard and monitor