What's a good thermal paste?

What's a good thermal paste to use im open to any suggestions I just need to put new thermal paste on my old computers P4 processor and it runs at 2.8Ghz if that matters. I was thinking of getting some arctic silver thermal paste but any suggestions on certain kinds of arctic silver or any other brand is ok.

I use Arctic silver 5.

Haha, I really wouldn't waste Arctic Silver 5 on a Pentium 4. It wouldn't make enough of a difference from some really cheap Cooler Master paste to warrant the huge price difference. 


People on Newegg seem to like it. I used some Cooler Master stuff on my GPU and the temps dropped by 20 degrees Celsius under load.

I use arctic cooling mx-4

alright Mndless ill check it out 

Tbh I never noticed a difference between different thermal pastes, just make sure you apply the right amount and have a good cooler. I wouldn't worry about the paste too much.

Well I use the Noctua NH-T1 thermalpaste and has had no problems with it... Don't know the cost though, as it came with my NH-D14. Also a pretty nice big "bottle" instead of those small Cooler Master ones.

I use the Cooler Master doodoo paste that my V8 came with and it's doing wonders.

Something like Arctic Silver might do a bit better though.

I really like arctic silver 5, but it's 8 dollars for a rather small syringe. That syringe can last quite a while, but it may not be the most cost effective choice for an old pentium 4. On my syringe of arctic silver 5, I've probably gotten 10 uses, and It's still got quite a bit left (I think that tiny syringe uses some sort of time lord technology). I don't know how many times you're planning on using it, but if it's just one time with a pentium 4, it wouldn't be worth it to pay 8 dollars for one use.

well i might actually put some of it on my old laptop cpu aswell which is a dual core but yeah getting alot of uses out of it i probably wouldnt need to use it that much. idk if i can just store it without it getting bad or something but id probably end up using it in the future again.

Just check out the Arctic Silver website to learn how to properly install the thermal paste for your given CPU, as they have a wide variety of methods and information. I learned what tinting the processor and heat sink was, and that for some processors the line method works better than the dot, but it sometimes depends ont he processor as to which direction the line should go.

Also I totally realize that I made an argument for Cooler Master then recommended a different brand, it's mainly just my way of saying that as long as you get something designed for CPU's, and all you are using it for are low to medium output devices, then it really doesn't make a difference. If it was instead being used on a socket 2011 i7, then you should definitely consider some Arctic Silver MX-4.