What's a good low-profile CPU cooler?

It's going in a Corsair 650D,

I was going to and may still get a pre-filled liquid cooler, so if there is a good one also post it here. 

I wanted a low-profile becusae I am not a big fan of massive air-CPU coolers. I like clean lines and simplicity. 

I was looking at some Phanteks but i'm not sure where I should look and what is a good model/brand. 


Thank you

Corsair H100i , cant really beat it for value and its cooling properties. It comes prefilled.

For a low profile , I would suggest the CM Hyper 212 EVO , fairly small and is good for moderate overclocking 

the Phanteks PH-TC14pe is the best aircooler to get, but that thing is realy  huge..

if you want a small cpu cooler yeah then better go with an LC cooling option, like corsair H100i H80i or kraken X60

Grtz Angel ☺