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Whats a good, durable, gaming laptop?


Might be doing a little traveling for work. Don’t really want anything too bulky, or with a lot of rgb, just something that can run non AAA games really well, at least a 90hz screen, a ssd, and then a ethernet port, hdmi port, and usb ports.


Razer blade should fit your needs, doesn’t have ethernet port but that can easily be done through USB.

MSI Stealth is also a good option


Probably every brand has something that fits the general description. I want to know does one brand have a really good keyboard or screen that sets it apart? Should i avoid a brand because of really bad preinstalled software? Does any brand have a nifty feature that is actually handy? I don’t want to like, “well i heard so and so makes good laptops, so i guess, I’ll get their slim gaming laptop” . Or “this one looks the best, I’ll get that one”


Not really no

All of them do this

Not really

The razer above isnt a bad way to go. I have an MSI thats a little loud but pretty good. Hard to scoff at dell offerings. Its really pretty competitive in this space so give us a budget and lets see if we cant figure out whats actually best for the money you want to spend.


If you are fine with losing out on a 90hz display, Dell XPS 15. Otherwise that Razer is a perfect fit.

Alternative is a Gigabyte Aero 15x.

If you are looking for Ethernet port, get something within the realm of a standard 15.6" laptop or cut you gaming to a loss and get a Dell latitude with thunderbolt support and get yourself a Gigabyte eGPU box. The eGPU isn’t very travel friendly but gives you something to do when you come home.


get a chromebook.


Now that’s just not helpful. :frowning:

Unless their is a chromebook that fits the physical requirements that are laid out in the OP. Then he could chromebook and use GeForce now when it comes out for Chrome os to game.


You can game on a chromebook. But fair point a 2hr battery life is perfect for traveling.


2hr battery life would be reasonable enough in most situations IMO. Every time I’ve traveled in the past decade there have been outlets available just about everywhere other than passenger vehicles.

I’m not OP though, so who knows.


I must have read over the non part. My bad.


Going to interject here that I bought a msi laptop from AVA direct and they take the bloat off





Yeah the first thing I do with any new laptop is reinstall the OS.


Ok, lets say the budget is 1400 and i’d like at least 400gb ssd. I would also prefer a larger battery to going ultra thin. I mainly just want to avoid those massive like 4 inch thick gaming laptops.


ye. MSI laptops are my preference for sure. Decently durable too.


My pick personally would be something like this. Spend the money left over to swap the 1TB HDD for something like an 860 evo 500GB

You could get a similar deal from ya boi @SoulFallen here for the same money.

Is there any option for some customization?


Its fairly easy to go into laptops and switch out hard drives? I do have a decent selection of small screw bits


Yeah we’ll swap parts if you want and give you a credit towards anything that comes out of the laptop since they come with stuff in them. We charge the same as retail for laptops for the sake of market share we make almost nothing on them lol tbh it’s the way to go cause we’ll test it and if it’s defective you don’t have to deal with it for no extra cost over getting it from newegg for example. only downfall is it might take a week or two longer.


@Atatax This sure as hell sounds like the way to go to me.


Depends on the model. For the most part yes but there are some that require a full tear down. Almost anything in your budget range is easy to access drives but for MSI laptops the mobo has to be pulled to acess memory/m.2s in the ultra thin models which requires ribbon cables etc to be disconnected.


Definitely sounds like a good way to go. I don’t think I’m going to need it until January, so going to wait a little bit. Hopefully get a refresh or a good deal on an 10 series after the 20 comes out.