Whate are some Better cooling options

Really? wow that sounds awesome ill deffinately have to look into that then because that seems way better than having a bulky @$$ heatsink blocking RAM slots and covering most of the windo on the case.

yes and no. the sides of the thermo electric cooler stays warm (usualy slightly above ambient temp) so, assuming the bottom of the TEC is covered with thermal paste and contacting the cpu, it doesnt build up humidity (atleast i did not notice any in the short time i did that video)

now, if it was an issue, you could cover the exposed parts of the TEC with something that would be considered a thermal and electrical insolator (as the TEC was larger than the cpu its self) somehting like hot glue would work assuming the cpu under load doesnt get over 50c or so (even the worst hot glue for temp resistance will hold to about 50c and start to break down at 70c... if your very concerned about that, polyolefin based hot glue will stay strong to about 70c and has an amazing moisture barrior.)

anyway... just my 2 cents... if you are looking for amazing cooling performance, at a low budget, and you dont give a shit about the aditional 100w power draw, its the way to go. with a dedicated 15v power supply, the TEC and the heatsink, you are looking at about 70-80 bucks, and running it off the psu its going to be somewhere closer to 30.