What you think about uPlay?

I wasn't going to have any bs from uPlay and pirated all of ubisofts games, what did you do?

I don't use uplay or pirate the games that would be on uplay. Ubisoft games aren't that good, I don't have to play them.

I give away the free uplay keys I get from buying video cards and stuff.


I live in Montréal. Therefore, I would have to like Ubisoft games if I didn't already, just like with Eidos games.

But Uplay is a calomny that forces you to use bullshit usernames if you are automatically assigned an account by purchasing a Uplay game through Steam. Multiplayer Assassin's Creed matches are filled with those unfortunate "guest" accounts, like "GuestHS0p0Jo". Changing your account's display name doesn't change your nonsensical root username either.

AFAIK, you're still not allowed to have more than one Uplay account, so you can't even transfer your games to an account you made yourself.

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its not great but no overly awful.