What would your perfect mouse be like?

Describe your perfect mouse!

Direct Brainwave Control


A sensor that would be able to track on anything. have about 6 macro keys, no acceleration, flywheel scroll wheel, and good wireless capability.

I'd like something with:

  • A freespinning scroll wheel.
  • Something that tilts, the scroll wheel or a fin thing like on the roccat tyon would be nice.
  • At least one spare button for PTT.
  • A DPI cycling button.
  • A wireless option.
  • No blatant branding like on roccat stuff.
  • An aesthetic that wouldn't look out of place in an office.
  • No lighting you can't turn off. A button for this would be nice.

Take the Logitech G600 and add:
-switch to turn of the RGB-lighting of the twelve buttons
-two replacement teflon gliders
-a "pinky-rest"

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You could sacrifice one of the three mouse profiles for this. Unless you want it off all the time, in which case you can just change that for all of them.

I just want it turned off when watching a film. Normally I like to see with a quick glance in with profile I am right now.

Ah. Well, you could sacrifice a profile I guess.

take the logitech g900, magically reduce its weight by 40 grams. Make switches that never get worse and are even more responsive, and thats about it, its a pretty great mouse, would be nice if it were lighter and mouse switches tend to suck and break or at least severely deteriorate in quality in less than a year for me.

Heck, that mouse satisfies enough of my crireria. It's so expensive, though. Crikey.
Actually, quite a few logitech mice do. M560, M705, MX Anywhere 2 and the MX master all do.

One that auto shoots people in the head for me when playing any FPS

Mionix Naos, but with software available on Linux.

Would eye tracking suffice?

Not good enough

I want the features of a G502 Proteus Core Spectrum in the body of a Mionix Naos

freescroll wheel
DPI shit (sniper button)
forward and back thumb buttons (Naos already has those)
dat sensor
dem crispy right and left click switches
RGB lighting because why TF not

NO BRAIDED CABLE, both of those mice have them, I hate it

Yes I own both of these mice, Naos fits my hand flawlessly, 502 fits my use case flawlessly

would pay upwards of $80 for it

Honestly, I have two mice... One cheap ass deluxe for $6 with 2 buttons and a scroll and one cheap ass A4 tech for $8 with forward /backwards buttons and dpi cycle button. Honestly, I like the Deluxe better...
All I really need is 2 buttons and a scroll. I can't tell you how often I have stopped watching YouTube video or something, because while moving the mouse I have mistakenly pressed the backwards button...
No... I want large mouse with pinky (and the Brain) rest, comfortable grip and two buttons with (elder) scroll...

an all metal version, whilst not being overly heavy, Mionix naos. With like a bead blasted finish. and a detachable micro-usb interface. and a non braided cable.

An all metal mouse would be pretty cool, actually.


A Mionix Naos 8200 with the back/forward buttons moved a little further back. And a lasting finish unlike every other mouse ever...

it would read my eye movements instead.