What would you rate my PC?

I've just started to get serious about PC gaming and stuff.. what do you guys think of mine? e.g , Low build , med build etc? CPU - i5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz CPU cooler - noctua nh-d14 RAM - GSkill RipJawX 8gb 1600mhz Mobo - MSI Mpower Z77 Graphics Card - XFX HD 7950 Case - BitFenix Shinobi German Edition Optical Drive - (A LiteOn one , no specific model numbers) Wireless Card - TPLink 300Mbps (Upgrading to Ethernet soon) PSU - Corsair CX750w Modular HDD - 1gb Toshiba 7200RPM , 64mb Cache :)

The only thing I would change is the power supply. Corsair are good, but their CX series is basic. Get a 750W branded supply, that is rated bronze 80+ efficiency at the very least. With the 750W, you could add a second 7950 at a later time. Two 7950s in this rig, and I would rate it a "monster" of a gaming rig.

Damn D: only got the Corsair today haha , its rated 80+ efficiency :/ 

Yeah , I sort of based this off of my friends rig who has the same pretty much apart from his mobo is a Gigabyte Z77x-UP7 and he has a different case and two 7950's

You shouldn't really cheap out on your PSU. This will be fine, but maybe when you want to add the second 7950, you should really look to upgrade it. The HX and AX series from Corsair are very good for gamers. If you're on a budget, XFX make some nice PSUs. You would need 700-750W for a two card configuration.

I never thought there was anything wrong with the CX series from Corsair. Sure, they aren't for higher end builds, but they aren't broken or anything.

I'd probably use a TX750M or a OCZ Z 850W instead though.

I would have gotten a different motherboard, hard drive, and power supply. I don't think there's anything wrong with the CX series PSU's, but they are considered to be Corsair's lower-end series.

I don't trust Toshiba in general, and Western Digital definitely makes the best hard drives.

I absolutely hate MSI motherboards. They are terrible for overclocking and fail often.

Also, there's no SSD, and wireless internet is absolutely terrible for gaming.

It's a decent build, but it doesn't live up to my standards.

if you get this board it has thunberbolt
and you can ebay the free ram kit for some rebate

I get what you mean. I've got some spare money laying around , that'll go on an SSD , probably ADATA or a Kingston one. I'm more used to MSI motherboard's than anything else , but I suppose it's down to preference.

The only thing I'd change is the PSU and RAM. You have a PSU that is 200W too large for your system, and is pretty low quality. While there is nothing wrong with the CX PSUs for low-power, non-overclocked systems, but their voltage regulation isn't that great, and the quality of the caps, and lack of modularity, makes them a poor choice to me. If you can, I'd switch it out for a Seasonic G 550, which is plenty for your entire system, even when overclocked, and is 80+ Gold. It seems like you've already bought the Corsair PSU, though. If you really did just get it today, I'd return it, if you can.

As for the RAM, if it is a single 8GB stick, despite being only single channel, it is fine, but if it is a set of 2x 4GB sticks, then you are limiting yourself to a max of 16GB of RAM, which is plenty for most people, but I don't like having restrictions in my build.

Also, don't worry about the HDD; they are rebranded WD drives, and are perfectly fine.