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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



Yeah, I think the challenge in maintaining structured activities is that they require proactive involvement. But that’s why I brought it up here.

L1T is asking, “what can we do to improve the forum?” My suggestion is to divert energy into structured activities. I think that will pay out better than trying to address myriad individual grievances, many of which may be symptoms of idle hands to begin with.


:wink: there is a rank that allows some basic user moderation just takes an ungodly amount of time reading and minimal posting requirements as well. the lurkers on this forum are plenty and they do help the mod team just dont have full powers of a mod. and the basic principle of give a man power that they are not used to and they will abuse that power stands strong. ( ive seen ive done ive watched the ashes fall) in all reality i think we need to get people to act civilized and respect the fact that behind each name is another person from another walk of life and that we all have various views but we still have to respect the life on the other end. ( the people who this statement applies to knows who they are and i am guilty of not caring as well at times) TLDR act like everyone is different and a one size fits all approach is not the best way to do things.


I am aware that there is ranks that the forum will grant automatically… Hence why i said manually, the automatic system has a few issues when a larger mod team is needed and you pointed one out quite well

And as for giving a man power he is not used to, there is a reason i said this, as i too have been there and done that… and it is actually worse than having a mod team that is too small…


Despite what people like to say in here against me, COUGH, I’d love to see more hacking projects this year. Doesn’t have to be LV1T, though seeing the vacuum cleaner that runs openvax would be sweet. Maybe when I get my SPARC machines online I’ll put up a competition for the forum to see who can do the most creative thing with it and mail it to them as a prize. IDK.

More leniency on some of the rules. As in: Necro’s are not 2 months because “the context of the post is no longer relevant in Wolfeben’s eyes so absolutely no one should care about it ever again” and the rule should go back to 6 months, politics should be able to be talked about in their respective threads but those threads are muted / not-tracked by everyone automatically so its not at the top of the feed when its just ree, users should be able to vote on closing a thread rather than arbitrary shutdowns unless its a 2 year necro or at least over 6 months (if its really just some dumb thing then it can be voted to be closed), moar game servers for the community to do stuff together, more creative projects like the CoCo 3 conversion or briefcase computer (even though the CoCo pissed me off it was neat enough), and if I think of anything else I’ll post it later.


I like this idea. I believe the last giveaway was something like “tell us why you deserve this gaming rig.” And the winner was chosen at random.

Looking back, that seems like a missed opportunity to really generate meaningful engagement. Instead it could be something like “most creative bash script under 100 lines wins a motherboard” or something (not the best example, but you get the idea).


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That’s also the point, the admins perspective.

Admin/s are there to encourage rules. Not adhere to personal, social or traditional whatever acceptance, no matter the issue/s or who the user/s are.


This caught my eye because it’s one of my pet peeves. if someone wants to bring up an old thread I’m all for it. Most likely I’ve never seen it and I’ll learn something. I really believe there should not be a limit, if the last post is irrelevant then delete that but don’t lock the thread. On another forum I read every day, just like I read this one every day, threads will get brought to the top by bots. The mods have already deleted the bot but 9 times out of 10 it’s a thread I haven’t seen before because it’s 6 years old BUT IT’S INTERESTING REGARDLESS.

edit; speling


This is something that we already do. most of the time (Unless the thread is completely toxic and needs an emergency shutdown) are discussed by the active staff team.

This is true. And something we are now discussing. I cant tell you the amount of hate threads that were made when I was more strict a few years ago. They were quite entertaining.

This is in active discussion, as well.

Whenever a leader locks a thread, the moderation team knows about it. We have logs and they are checked. There have been a couple instances where a leader has locked a topic and then it has been restored. For the most part, if you want to necro a thread, just make a new one. This is most prevalent in help threads. If its something that you feel should remain open, please contact a moderator and it will be evaluated. Have you tried this route?

Thank you everyone for your input. We are taking a lot of it to heart and are actively discussing plans to move forward with this. It is very appreciated.

Keep up the good work. But do try to keep arguments out of this thread. No need for it to become toxic as well.

Try to avoid name-dropping and singling out users. this will not help anything, and is not constructive.


there are a lot of ways I could phrase this, but if politics becomes an allowed topic again, instead of the soft ban that already exists in the Lounge where minor discussion is allowed [which ALWAYS goes poorly as is], I’m leaving.

Hurr durr one user, I know. But out of ALL the things that may or may not be changed, can we please for the love of christ not revert this one?


I have and it never got taken care of other than “We’ll look into it”. That was a year ago and doesn’t really matter anymore, but again the rule WAS 6 months irregardless of the topic or the last post. My thread that was “Why is linux not as big as it should be” turned in to one giant cyclic redundancy error at the end with a windows vs linux battle between 8 people, but it was STILL a relatively good discussion within that topic on that thread. Could there have been a PM war instead? Sure. Could there have been a new thread? Sure. But with it all consolidated into one space and not shotgunned all over the place it was its own thing in one place that was referenced as “This sorta fight already happened. Don’t start a new one just read that” which was healthy for the troublesome new users of the time and the trolls that got permamuted (AHEM cynicalanarchist ETC).

The point has nothing to do with the staff, it has to do with one solidly contained discussion that can be referenced. Yes, I know threads can be interlinked, yes I know that problems can be brought up, yes I know that it can just be discussed in the lounge, but if its a thread about, say, HAM radio, and maybe specifically using HAM radio as a data transfer solution, and the OP comes back later or someone asks the OP 2 or 3 months later what happened with the project or what he found out… Why the hell would you lock that thread? If he had an answer and that sparked a new fire for that thread to build ideas in why not just leave it be? And if a new thread is to be made it can be arranged.

You want examples? Because I DO have one.

This thread started as a thread about an open source high powered workstation that was an interesting enough design that made one big conversation. After that thread was around, even though it was only me and 3 or 4 people talking, another thread popped up asking stuff about open power, and this wasn’t the only one I don’t believe as there was some discussion in the lounge, I got some PM’s from some lurkers, I think @torpcoms got one or two, and then the thread ended up becoming a general mega_thread at the end. When it became a POWER and PowerPC lounge I asked for it to be locked and made this thread, linking back to the old thread, and carrying the discussion over to the new one where the discussion resides currently. This is my personal example, but sure as hell it isn’t the first one.

So if its a problem with new user then put some logistics in that has the new user only be able to see threads made within, I dunno, the last 2 months and they have to have a limit of 15 posts before they can see back a year, introduce what necro’s are and what to look for in an older thread, and then after 5 more posts the can have access to the lounge and such. Its not like I haven’t seen that specific example before, its a feature in vBulletin 3 that I have seen used quite a bit! Obviously I’m giving an open suggestion for more work, but if I knew how to do it myself I would.

And if it’s just me that gets bothered by necro’s not getting handled properly, new users not getting set on a delay timer what like can be done on, now, ancient forum software in comparison to discourse, and then a thread thats 2-4 months old thats not as openly worded as possible getting locked down because someone had an idea or question about something that could probably be useful to someone else in the future if they couldn’t find it on google… Well then I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just go back to IRC and not contribute as much anymore. Maybe I get too worked up about stuff, but it still bothers me and it could be handled better in my opinion and cause less hassle for everyone involved.

Either way, thank you for your time.


And I’m aware of that. Hell I dunno, maybe have a PM group you can set a check mark for on your profile to be added to if you want to talk about that. Or advertise the telegram group more for chatting about that.

Actually I like that telegram idea more.


Oh, and just a one off, make an Advertising section so that threads that are obvious ads can be tagged as such.


What i’d love to see is a more friendly way to post and read DIY topics.

Something nice like:
Create a project topic,
When creating the topic you can have a automatic timestamp for every update.
a nice picture carrousel and easy upload/insight into posted pictures,
Comments on pictures by the community,

Something like hackaday?

With the current forum it’s kind of a hassle to post creative projects with picture’s and updates.
I’d like this to become better, this way lots of creativity will be posted on the forum and the forum.

Projects like: coding, building pc, wood/metalworking (desks), lighting, home automation, oldskool hacks&mods, etc etc


Do what you want with it


A ‘mark forum as read’ button.


There are statistics and I don’t know how this button will work correct with them.
The closest you can get to this is from the (Unread) tab at the top on the first page to Dismiss all activity so you don’t get those blue/gray dots with how much messages you have missed.


Or just talk in the DM’s. You can add multi users to it. Realistically, the lounge would be better off if it were invite only. Or keep it out of the DM’s and just have multiple lounges that are invite only, then people that don’t like each other can’t be in the same “barebones rules” talk space, because they would be in another lounge.

More guides would be useful. And have the guides that are already out their updated. Also a “Want Written” section would be helpful. It would be like the “WTB” section. Someone just has to create a thread about what they want written, and then someone just has to post back saying that they want to write that guide. If multiple users want to contribute they could do a collab.

I believe that’s why Zoltan is not here anymore :frowning:

Also be sure to use the link thread button.

:+1: @psycho_666 told me something similar to this. You do something and can win a prize. I forgot the name of it. I don’t believe it was put on by L1T tho. But it would be cool if it were.

You have the power to rename tho.


We got that, I think.


We had that a few times. We also had that with rewards. The rewards were voluntary, literally gifted game keys…
Here’s the issue: more often we do those, less participants we have. I try to enter every single monthly challenge, no matter if I even make it to the end.
But as I said before - the forum functions well. We are making 2-3 of those per year.
I don’t think we need to bother the staff with it. The users seems to be doing it just fine.