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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



not true and you know it :smile:

I was always against the small linux problems thread because sometimes it is used as a Linux Lounge which i disprove of. But it was made mainly because of windows users who complained about the “enormous amount of linux help threads”. I actually believe that a separate thread for every problem is better, especially when a new person from the outside comes to look for help.

Check the few posts we exchanged with w.meri I meant more like if it is a better tool why let someone headbutt his way with windows/linux ?

Is it not ? What if PowerShell does not have the capabilities of doing this exact same thing the person is trying to achieve but it is possible in Bash. Bash can be used in windows you dont even have to start a VM. Why not if it is a better solution ?

I full on agree with you here, this must stop.


That always works out well :)~ in the end…


I think the lack of a tangible mod presence has caused users to lash out at mods and leaders when they do need to enforce the rules.


Wow, this got long quickly.

My 2 cents, apologies if any of it is redundant:

Productive, structured activities can do a lot for a community. I think more collaboration and/or competition would be positive.

Things like Devember and even Hatted or Die come to mind. I would have taken part in Devember myself if I hadn’t spent half the month traveling. I’d like to see more of that.

People are less likely to be cantankerous if they have something productive to do.


I don’t care about likes. I still believe this is wrong.

How is techlife95 actively attacking someone ? Just a single example. For Jack I have seen some behavior but did not see any “attack” but I may be wrong here. Give me an example post of what you mean an I may believe you.

I know you are thinking for the forum and yes I really fell for jack when he said he was on a suicide plan and the very next day acted as nothing has happened. However I must say we should try to consider their point of view a little bit before we speak against them.

Suicide is a reality and if someone feels better by just writing about it in a hardware forum and it doesn’t break the rules I personally don’t have any problem with it. I may read it I may not, this is my point of view please reply with what you think because I think I miss yours.


Less rule, more good stewards.


There used to be a regular “Break A Leg Challenge” for a time, but interest seemed to wane and it fell by the wayside.


trying not to laugh, what do you want, role models?

I’ve tried that in the past but I’ll be damned if I can’t twist someones nips once in a while as you will notice with the recently arisen Clinton thread

to give a number I’d say we have less than 5 users that could actually be a “steward” which sounds like some made up title like Lounge Shepherd which was such a fail they dont even mention it in the OP anymore

t. Lounge Shepherd #1, mods put me there, I didnt ask and have no regrets

actually worked for about 2 months


it was so ded that i couldnt even be one after asking for it XD


I JUST remembered!

Necro confirmation dialog! thats what we need.

“This topic is more than 15 days old. Are you sure you want to reply?”

And only grant that permission to members with a certain post count and or few month old account.


thats a thing right now

15 days is rather short


Hah!, havent done that in a while then, ill have to give it a try…


wait no, nooooooooo


Thats hardly noticeable.

A confirmation dialog is one that pops up after you hit reply.


but its like…right there, next to what youre typing, this is a native function of discourse. something else will then require dev work and have to have another hard limit of X days = send prompt so you have the same problem

would rather force users to read user guides and rules before they can make an account


I dont care much for likes either, though in this case i do and so should you. It’s for the community, not against it. There are already rules in place and why should we even have them? Might aswell remove them right? no. This is simply a addition, to the countless rules, already there

Dude, you got this all-the-way-around. HE (techlife95) is the one getting personal attacks. Whether he realises this or not, even on a more personal level, when the topic is about personal life and blog/life videos.

As for jack, i personally pm’ed him and gave him some tips and possibilities, if half the forum were like that well then this topic wouldn’t be here :slight_smile:

The direct and more importantly non-direct attacks on users (because “socially acceptable”, somehow seems to allow the non-direct approach, which is sometimes worse…

Now it may sound like the forum would be infringing on personal life if it was added to the rules and that may be true, so is the who-knows how many other rules, already there.


I didn’t know that I felt like you were calling him out for some attacks.

Less than ten actually :smile: btw threats and stuff are against the rules so he should be reporting right now in my opinion.


Well, sure. Basically leading to common sense :grinning:

As stated before i’ve used the flagging feature and nothing happened. So it also depends on the issued/online admin/s, of which i’ve had 0 or maybe 1 correspondance with


most mods try to let things get worked out from the people involved and also use PM’s to try and alleviate issues before they do anything in public. depending on your flagged posts they might not do anything as its a nonissue from there perspective ( depends on the posts and so on ). if a topic just pulls the right strings to get you aggravated take a step back and ask is it worth getting mad over. 9/10 times it’s not. for that one in ten just PM a mod and link the post in the PM much more likely to get results that you desire.


wow… Another of these threads… Am i the only one who remembers the last one??

That aside, it seems this thread ( i havent read it all yet ) consists mostly of alot of people wishing for more moderation… and with that i have a suggestion… Bearing in mind i currently have no real idea how mods are selected…

Perhaps you could try Manually promoting some people, but looking outside of the more “conventional” parameters… There are quite a few people around the L1 forums, who have been around for a long, long time and either have had experience as mods and admins elsewhere, and are Currently mods and admins elsewhere…

Maybe it would be a good idea to try rooting some of them out, and enlisting them…

Or maybe some of those long-standing members… the ones who log in and browse damn near every day… but simply cant bring themselves to post something meaningful, lest it be buried in the " filth"… the ones who know the standards, know how it should be, but cant do anything simply because they dont “participate” enough for the forum software to notice them, let alone the current mod team…

Anywho… on to something a little less depressing…

How about and actual competition… something long running and reasonably easy to enter…

Maybe have L1T put up a prize or two, run something like the one-month challenge we had for tech projects, but make from now till dec 1st or whenever… Most popular/unpopular/interesting/veiwed whatever project wins… Could even run a tech and non-tech Category for it… Create a Sub-Forum just for said projects to make them easier to find…

Just an idea…