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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



Back wenn we moved from the old forum to the new one in the TS days.
That was exactlly what i had done, wenn i did a rebuild on the former catagory layout.
I made a seperate lounge catagory and set restrictions to it,
just to prevent users from starting their own lounges.
This has worked pretty well, but with the transformation to L1T,
most of the initial permission i had set have been gone.
Because the forum had a rehab of the catagory layout again.


Yeah i will definitelly look into this like i mentioned above.


(In regards to “Use Linux” as a response to a Windows problem)

It’s really not though. Some people use a certain OS because they want to, others use a certain OS because they have to. So rather than telling somebody to use another OS entirely I think it’s best to help them solve what they are directly asking about. They shouldn’t have to automatically preface their post.

I don’t know, best thing I can compare it to would be going to a coffee shop, asking for a black coffee and getting a some sugary froufrou drink.

“Hi, I’d like a small black coffee please”
“Here’s a large caramel caffè mocha with extra cream”
"… but that’s not what I asked for?"
“Yes, but you didn’t say you didn’t want it”


Naked pictures…
On a bit less serious note: I really see no huge issues or misses with the forum.
We have our cooking threads and gaming threads and even a wrestling thread… And the tech threads are billions.
The forums works and it works pretty well. Honestly, I have been part of way more dysfunctional forums and people have really tried to do good with them.
So that means pretty much just naked pictures…


I meant it more in the way of -

“Hi, I’d like a small black coffee please”
“Well we don’t have black coffee but we have black tea. Do you want some ?”

When someones post on a thread for help and his answer is completly different he first - does not command you that this is the only option and you have to take it no matter what you want,
but more like an alternative that is better for the certain problem.

Like games for linux that are crashy/not well made - really why bother when you can use windows.

Of course I know this is not applicable everywhere, however there are examples for similar thing but not with windows/linux and such answers are not bad in my opinion. You are not forced to do what someone says but it adds to the conversation that they give options that you may have never considered before.


i second this request


Hmm, I might have misread your intentions in the original post.

I’m pretty exhausted, so probably.


This is the best way that I can sum up the answer you will get for that request



my favorite answer


“That government is best which governs least.”

2 mod rule on nuking a thread.


So, ignore the whole forum? :roll_eyes:

I’ve not seen anyone in the Small Linux Problems thread ever suggest Windows as a solution. And I’m not triggered, I’m pissed off. Not everything is redneck vs SJW hyperbole. Suggesting Linux to someone asking about PowerShell is not helpful or relevant. Stop being so obtuse.

No, I’m not on Windows, that doesn’t stop me calling bullshit when I see it.

There is nothing to debate, it’s immature, childish bullshit.

Obviously when someone says “Use Linux brah”, I don’t care, and I’ll give a nod or high five. But when it, eventually spirals to this petty “Well, if you like getting spied on…” That turns into a stupid conversation and detrails a potentially great thread.


bring back plot







I’m fairly certain you don’t want pictures of my fat ass.


I wholeheartedly agree


The likes say otherwise and calling that constructive criticism is on the border.

You don’t seem to understand those people are excluding themselves. They are actively attacking someone whomever it may be on public forum, instead of writing a personal message, in which they are too much of existensial cowards to even manage that. That’s a problem, whether you or any admin conclude otherwise.

It’s personally not my forum that’s true, yet I’m a patreon, (So are others) because this forum is beyond awesome, i was at 19USD and now, not even half that. Because of several reasons, including the ones mentioned and that will continue until proper actions are taken to manage those issues.

Also, sorry to say that if the flag/report worked aswell as it should. These would personally not be issues for me. The problem is THEY DO NOT (From experience)

I know your ment well, because your input elsewhere has been constructive/positive/useful. Next time take the time you need :slight_smile:


You can not shove square pegs into to round holes but you often teach the square not to be so square. Be a little more concerned about doing tech projects and less concerned about policing people. We have basic rules and everything else will work itself out in the wash.


that approach is what has led us to this point of asking for more mods and rules