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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?


TL;DR If you have/see a problem with a post then flag it



People sometimes throw a fit whenever the anime or firearm lounges leak into the main lounge so they’re good being separate, but I think the rest could easily be rolled into other threads.



Good insight.

Yeah, I may not have bulletproof logic here, but I thought it was at least worth trying my hand at a solution rather than slinging more mud.



That’s actually a good point. Anime stuff and Firearms are very polarizing for whatever reason, it might be good to keep them separate. Especially because of political stuff behind firearms.



We don’t need to call people out…



He was toxic

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Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you have to respond in kind.

Remember that people will value your opinion more highly when you are respectful and level headed.



Some of the threads that have been appearing in the blog catagorie are very disturbing where users share way too much personal information. These can be harmful to the forum by scaring off less familiar users.



what part of thatsnotgoodenough.gif did you miss

The only thing “shepherds” led to was me with another badge and mods “having my back” but I never really needed to call them in and basically just led to me being chided when telling someone to stop doing something.

My personal preference is failure in front of a crowd is the best teacher but my default response to most things is to be a harsh emotionless robot of a person, sorry

I too enjoy three thousand character posts that talk in circles

You need more context to understand, this is really only an issue between 10-20 users at the max

Just for you sweetie :kissing_heart:

I understand

The original purpose of its creation was after a group of users tried to build a quote text pyramid of seizure inducing gifs in the lounge in an effort to see if they could get it to go off the page, to curtail the shitposting the discord was created for the specific purpose

but it is Eden’s and what he does with it is not my call, just informing you of what it was

I admit to this later on keep scrolling



The rules ^^ does not punish such posts. You should talk to a moderator for them to consider if such threads should be closed and such people should be banned/punished.

Even though they did share too much personal info it is their right to do so.



was just an idea for those who want more personally i think if i cant see you doing your job then your doing your job right but thats just me. have had the leadership of mega clan in a game that we all love to hate so i know that a light touch is best touch ( runescape clan name was “the”) and from what i am seeing the majority of issues that we are having are personality clashes and there is not much that we can do other than remind them that we all share this space and make it better or worse with our words and actions.



what part of this is your only tool you didn’t get ?


Damn you got me with those words :cry:

Then why are you making it look like it is an elephant ?

so basically a report would of been sufficient with some punishment from the Mods but you instead made a elitist group ?

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The worst examples scream the loudest.



Because this thread is asking what I as a user would like to see from L1 so I am bringing up issues that concern me

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I agree there have been some blogs that are a bit “much” and honestly they are reaching out to the wrong people.

I do feel obligated sometimes to reach out and tell them that, however I stood up till the wee hours of the morning talking someone down from possibly ending it all a while back.

That being said that is not anyone’s job here, and many are not helping even though it may honestly feel like they are.

Idk if they should be completely removed or just ignore it if you have nothing to say, honestly on the fence about it.



Eden made it and you are still missing the point entirely

But in the interest of fun conversation, normies get out



Thank you. You’re really the hero we deserve.

Seriously. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude.



I am sorry I have done that now after rereading your post I do agree I did miss the point.



You’ve passed my trial by rage inducing apathy, congratulations and welcome to the forum



I think mechanically the forums are great.

Suggestion may be additional moderators. Current mods are great, but additional perspectives are always welcome imo.

Not sure If id join a Lan (or any IRL meet), but maybe. Maybe 2018 will be the year I try QuakeCon.