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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



its more than fine. I usually send the OP a PM telling what i did


Yes, no issue with regulars doing that.

having a good title helps more but that's just me


Iirc regulars can add tags as well, don’t want to go around dicking with people’s threads though


Perfect then. I’ll go ahead and do that in the future when I come across it.

For those reading: I get notifications of the #helpdesk tag when new threads are created. If you want to get my attention for a problem, use the tag!


Tags, everywhere, so many tags

I can see it now



The mod staff is too small and expanding it has been suggested multiple times. Though generally the existing staff always seems fairly opposed to it…


In generally, adding appropriate tags to a persons topic I wouldn’t regard as an issue, as @Dje4321 you could let them know if you do, though they should get a notification anyway i believe.

As for editing titles, obviously that has more impact on the context of the topic. I generally don’t edit titles unless its to add [solved] or its really required. ill usually ask hem to make a more appropriate title its its really not useful.


I’m all for more leaders, wolfleben was a great addition, its just you have to pick carefully. Can do more harm than good sometimes.


@DerKrieger That’s probably what they’re worried about. There are lots of people who would make good moderators, except for their behavior in this situation.


tags are limited to 3.

Less opposed, more wanting to get the right people. we are currently discussing it, generally I would put the process as user > leader > mod. But we haven’t made many new leaders either, which is maybe on us a bit as we should likely have some more for those who would like to take up the role.


unless a mod adds more


You knowing the inner workings of discourse is very insightful, just putting that out there.


We felt a max of three was the right balance when we enabled them.


Why i created my own forum in the first place because i wanted to see what was behind the curtain.


Yeah I’m aware of this feature, it would be a possible solution if we were to go down that road, though if i’m honest, i’m not sure about the validity of multiple lounges in the first place. There’s maybe 2, 3 max that could be considered useful in some sense, i think the rest aren’t sensible.


I see it this way: The high-traffic lounges should be their own, the rest should be rolled into “the lounge”

the ones I see on top all the time are: “the lounge”, tech cringe and anime lounge.


It would atleast limit the creation of the mega threads by requireing that people request permission to a lounge. Would allow for a sort of filter. A more direct approach would be to have a staff create the mega thread and just assign a user to the thread via the change ownership thing

EDIT. could just create a tag called alt-lounge so people could block the more niche lounges


This will be a long ass post there is no tl:dr.

To start on a posstive note -

I have an Idea for a forum game that will take me a while but it may be fun when done.

  • @ninja85a and @YerDaSellsAvon Aye mateys as long as it is in Europe I will try to make it but give me a notice for such an event like 30 days before so i can take some days off from work.

Okay now is time for some constructive criticism

Block them in your mind, whenever you see a post by them just ignore it. There is no need for such a feature.

Do not exclude people just because of who they are. This is not your forum as long as they do not break the rules their opinion has the same value as yours.

Did he break the rules ? You know my answer … if yes report him.

You as a Lounge “leader” or whatever that title was should have some power and your words should mean something in the Lounge but you should speak with the Moderators in private of this not wait for a public discussion.

Are they breaking any rules ? Most of them just express their opinion on why they don’t need the new Office suite. Yes the two you have gave for example do not really add to the discussion but in a moment like this you should either - contact a mod or report the post.

This is reality if you want something to stay as it is you have to work for it to keep its position because at the same time everyone else is trying to change the forum in his liking. You can not stop the change but only to fight back ( I don’t mean in ways which will break the rules ). People have left because they don’t like the forum. I liked Zoltan’s opinions on things however he left because a few users … this is his decision and it will be selfish and egoistic of me to ask him to come back. Learn to live with it or try to change the things in the way you like them.

most people come here for help and it is on us to try and engage with them to keep them in the forum. Yes I admit I don’t have a single good thread but I am really bad at writing especially not in my mother language.

Wait what ? So a mob is forming and so what ? Once they come out and break the rules they must get punished. So you are also part of the problem ?

Actually I was thinking to donate a few bucks in games if you would decide to make it however when you didn’t make it I decided that my ~15 dollars in games ( 5 games ) are not worth it/not big enough impact ( better giveaway to neighbor kids ) and also thought I will be the most egotistical being for asking you - " WHY NO GIVEAWAY THIS YEAR ? "

Also the lounge is not the forum. even though as you mentioned some people have left the forum I can also say I see new faces who are young smart people and WE should try to keep them here.

the same can be said for Linux problems and I actually believe this is a valid answer if you get triggered from it just ignore it or if you are OP just say that you ARE NOT interested in linux. What is the big fuss about it ?

Point it out ! There is a Report button !

Passive aggresive - Yeah but you are on windows …
IN YOUR FACE aggresive - “Windows 10 is spyware”

Ignore it if you don’t like it or debate it there is no other way because this is just an opinion and not an attack.

I don’t see what’s the problem with memes you use them yourself in the lounge ? Or is there a meme discrimination against what you don’t like ? And no they are the norm in the lounge not in the forum. The lounge is not the entire forum.

When you started was after the break when the Windows Elitists which saw that with Wendel ( a Linux lover and as a leader of the community ) were heading for a soon to be Linux takeover ( should be noted this forum before that had a lot of windows and Intel/Nvidia fans as users ) Once the threads about AMD and Linux started falling they couldn’t have civilized conversation and tried everything to Win “their” forum back. That’s the main reason there was a great decline in people. The main place such people still reside is the Lounge their save space because anyone who tries to say anything is being pushed away by a mob. That’s the main reason a lot of people avoid the lounge - too much hatred and mob mentality.

I must add that yes I have seen some user advocating too strong and stupidly for Linux and opensource I admit to it too sometimes I get excited when I should be shutting my mouth and I apologize to everyone who reads this. Linux mob mentality is still mob mentality and it should not be treated lightly.

You should check the videos with Logan then … he was a real nutjob when it comes to Tinfoilhatting. We are getting better I would say now.

Yeap this one of the guys I was talking about. And to prove my point further he continues -

No it doesn’t ! The Lounge keeps YOU alive here.

Then do not open those threads … you know you can mute it right ?

This forum I am not sure is for acting silly of course moderators may want to correct me on that.
Reddit seems like the place to act silly … also tumbr your way to fourchan.

NO actually it must be otherwise if discussions are public then a mob forming against a Mod has a higher chance and the community will split up ( just like now ) it should be actually otherwise there should be no transperency in inside moderators chats.
General rule should be that a Moderator’s worth is THE LAW here and if a mod says or does something it is for the greater good!

@moderators read this -
You have good rules however there is no place where it is mentioned what are the punishments for not obeying them. You should have this and you should follow it. Also when a comment is reported please tell the person ( publicly ) what is the problem with his post so he can change and don’t wait for more to answer with hate and you to lock the thread. Threads should be locked only when Really needed.

If you delete someone’s post/thread you should consider also a personal message with a quick description on why it was deleted again to be able to correct himself.

After a second violation there should be mute/temporary ban as a punishment.

Some good articles on the topic -


The moderators count should increase as a lot of people mentioned however choose wisely.

fully agree with you, Yes there are people that do not add a lot more than just the link but there are a lot of people who want to hear what is the opinion of the community which may only imply that those people trusts our opinion in the first place. However I do agree that they should at least put a little TL:DR when discussing articles on the internet.

I remember it :wink:

This is not anarchy think of it more like communism ( even though it is not actually ) -
There are the big 3 which can not be taken down. They have their lackeys the controlling organs - Moderators. It is their choice what is and what isn’t allowed on this forum. You don’t like it you know the way.

politics on a hardware/software forum … yes it makes sense.

sorry this is not a porn house

actually allowed if reasonable.

Yes this does sound like you are an elitist … however i can not understand why are you crying ? The lounge right now is the right place for you there are a bunch of elitist there that share your believes.
Just to prove my point -
From 6.4k posts on The Lounge 5k are made by the top 24 contributors which is about 0.78% of the content. So out of about 1k active users the last 7 days ( I don’t even want to argue with the last 30 days ) 24 of them have majority of the content in the lounge … this is elitist at its best. 2,4% is making 78% of the content I believe that is what you wanted.

fully agree

This is actually something that happens just in recent times the most exciting stuff happening here was @gnif work on the Looking Glass project.

I can relate to what you mean but this may not be the way. I don’t have any solution to the problem.

There is only one High traffic lounge …

Sorry for posting this now as it seems everyone has cooled down however some people triggered me I admit to it.


I can only be bothered to respond to the quotes of mine, and I can only really do so with riotous laughter at the sheer levels of aggression in said post.