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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?





This should be an organic thing driven by peoples own interest and hobbies.


I said it above. I don’t enjoy the lounge. Nothing personal, just not my thing.


No polls, no thread for nominating other threads.
Maybe you or a leader sees a neat project or a user tips off a leader or mod to a neat project.

Now like @sgtawesomesauce says, there doesn’t need to be a pinned project every week, I think that will keep the quality of chosen threads pretty high.

Maybe peeps in the lounge and leaders can keep an eye out for a good one, the electric bike thread comes to mind.


You have to keep in mind the massive amount of pinned topics that already exsist


I feel like a thing I could do is just make an assload of threads, problem is to figure out how to not make a mega thread because that is too easy and I hate low effort threads and reviewing things. Maybe I should review a thing


I’ve unpinned them ages ago lol


Oh i generally don’t mean that. What i mean is that we can help where possible for people to get things done if they ask. discord for the book of the month for example, and we published the audio for a few of those as well. And if there’s an interesting thread that people think is worth pushing a bit, someone just needs to let us know in general.


I’m not a fan of mega threads of lounges for 100 different things. A few make sense, a lot don’t that’s just my opinion, not sure what everyone elses is.


I feel like the whole mega thread problem could be solved by just moving them all to their own lounge category


Agreed but the cat is out of the bag at this point


That just puts a different stink on the same poop


I like the idea of something like editors picks, like @Skelterz suggested. I bet I am missing interesting stuff here simply because I don’t want to click through literally everything.


Already ahead of you, this is one idea suggested by one of the mods already, but it has the issue that i think @kewldude007 is probably thinking of, there all still their, and all still a bit pointless.

My opinion is if its off topic make a topic in #community:off-topic or post it in the lounge, it generally shouldn’t need its own lounge.


It only looks like a problem because it’s megathreads or help desk around here


moving it to its own category would allow the staff to put restriction on who can make a post with the use of groups

Screenshot from 2018-02-12 19-39-43


Oh, an option is to mute tags. you can mute #helpdesk and they wont show up on latest. If it should be a default… I don’t know


The problem is that 2/3 of the helpdesk threads aren’t tagged as such.


Something I think we can fix with some more leaders, and a couple more moderators perhaps.


Agreed. I think regulars can edit titles of posts.

Yeah, I can do that. I just don’t know, is it okay for me to just go in and add the tag?