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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



Just be more public about it. When you delete a post for instance make a post about why said post was deleted and what rule it violated. Their just needs to be some kind of log so that we can get a idea of whats going on behind the closed doors. All we see from the public face is this shadowy group of people that make decisions. We dont see why that decision was made or why the post that was deleted was in violation of the rules.


We don’t even see that the post was deleted.

That may just be forum functionality though, and may not be possible to fix.


I believe that a way to improve things that would prevent this

is warnings, you know, those lovely blue texts posts that pop up once in a while, the perfect example is this thread

I’ll admit that at the time I made it I wanted to further prove how incapable the community is at conducting itself responsibly and even added bait to the tags but nonetheless it met its end in exactly the manner Grim explains.

I can’t say whether or not Kat closing it was discussed privately prior to the action but that is not relevant

as far as increased transparency goes that is for the staff to decide because I know you guys need a place to talk about things out of the public eye, idk basic logs like “This week users flagged 27 posts and 6 had to be edited for rule violation” or post by post pinned but locked thread of every thing that happens

Action: being an asshat
Reaction: Officially told to not be asshat

*new post next day

Action: still an asshat
Reaction: 48 hour…timeout

I had this idea a while back on an extremely elaborate guide on how to forum and what is and isnt acceptable conduct with specific examples but at the time my attitude towards the forum told me to put it off

As for what I would want to see from the community is more people with this badge


from the passing lurkers eyes not much needs to be changed. a few more mods would help still say a team of under 15 people is the best size ( granted all 15 need to be active mods).

for the most part this community does a decent job of self moderating with the use of flags and PM’s.

the block user feature could have its uses but its a bandage for the underling problem so i dont think it would be for the best to have it.

and finally having a generated post of mod activity for the previous month would not hurt. contents could include # of posts deleted #of threads locked ETC… that way there is some sort of accountability but i dont have a strong want of this just tossing the idea around for those that want something but dont know what exactly.


Less labeling of people would be nice I guess. There is no person on earth that can be fully described by just one term. I think some here fail to remember that sometimes. Me included.

That is also why I don’t think a fully implemented ignore function would benefit any forum ever. If you don’t want to talk to someone, don’t. If you don’t want to read someone’s opinion, just scroll by. But please do so in a case by case manner.


I agree in that then the OP will see why said post/thread was deleted and maybe can change their ways. Also helps other potential posters to not make the same mistake. On another forum I’m on they have a habit [not like here thankfully] of disappearing a whole thread with no reasons ever stated. A lot of them [that I’ve read all the way thru till deletion] I don’t understand why.

Overall I like this forum. I get the feeling that even tho we may not agree, we are still friends, or at least nodding acquaintances.


I’m not sure what forum you are on. Threads that end up locks overwhelmingly from memory are caused by people derailing them (all involved, not just one person).

To my memory (i may be wrong but i don’t think i am), no thread has been locked because of any of the reasons you mentioned except for perhaps necros. Theads get locked because people start arguing and become vile instead of either flagging, or trying to take the high road and calm the situation.

just fyi, I beleive your post was probably caught up when the offending posts were removed and @system removed the replies as well.


@alwaysFlOoReD @looming-hawk @kewldude007 @Dje4321

On public audit of moderator decisions, e.g. logs of deleted posts, etc. There’s a few issues here and a few things that might be possible.

The main issue with making this sort of thing public is the likely hood of making those people essentially outcasts. I’m not aware of anywhere that does this, probably for similar reasons.

Id be very wary about having a public list of who did what wrong.

As for giving a public list of number of flags, number of actions etc. high level stats is probably something that could be done but might need to be discussed, as its not something easily exportable, and not something we’d generally want to do.

As a quick example though as it seems to be something people arent sure of.

(numbers are approximate from a quick manual look)

Over the last 14 days, there have been:

  • 11 deleted posts by moderators
  • 8 of those posts were spam
  • 3 of those posts violated a rule.

This does not include deleted posts by users of which there were a much larger number, and does not include a number of system deleted posts (aprox 7)

We have on occasion hid a couple of threads as we generally don’t delete them, but this is quite rare.


Noted. That makes sense.

Let’s add that the necros that actually continue a productive discussion are ignored. Typically, necros that answer an already answered question from 2015 are locked because it doesn’t help anyone/anything.


You dont need to single anyone out. Just need some kind of mod interaction that reduces the overpowering nature of the mods. A monthly report about the actions the mods have taken would be enough. You could even take a extra step and talk about how the rules were broken and what could be done to avoid it.


That feels like a 1:1 thing to me, if we do it.

When a post gets deleted, the author gets a PM with “you broke rule 4. Next time you post, please include your comments or some discussion surrounding the link you posted. This isn’t Reddit.” or something of the like.


I think highlighting some interesting project threads by pinning them for a week or so would be neat and could help promote new user content on the forum.


Excellent idea! Typically, the mega-threads and helpdesk threads have a tendency to drown out some of the cool stuff people are doing. That said, we don’t have a project every week, so maybe this should be a “if there’s something good going on” sort of thing?


Doesn’t need to be a weekly thing just thinking of it were pinned for a time it could gain some traction


We actually have badges for things like these as well. And there are resources available for things the community wants to do.

Likely will look to make this information more available, but if there are interesting threads that you think deserve some promotion, people should by all means let us know if we’ve not picked it up.

… yes, literally brought up on the mod lounge a few days ago.


I undestand that they’re good threads, mostly, but I wonder if there’s a way we can help filter that stuff out. Is there a way to set up custom views on Discourse so you can have one that’s dedicated to mega-threads and then the normal view just shows the other threads? It doesn’t take long for a thread to go from the top to nearly below the fold.


Must be that time of year again… Lets worry less and do more and stop being hung up on the past ? Its not that hard.


I think the more informal the process the better


In what way?


Feel free to leave suggestions


@Eden, this is what I mean:

  • 13 threads above the fold.
  • 7 are mega-threads.
  • 4 are helpdesk.
  • 1 is this thread.

I’ve muted the lounge, so we should probably count that up there as well.