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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?



I’ve said it before, if you really hate necro threads, you need to fix/remove the “Suggested Topics” box. When I first joined the forum I got yelled at for necroing several threads because they were suggested to me by the site itself in “Suggested Topics”.

Personally though, I agree with @alwaysFlOoReD:

A thread being bad just because it’s been inactive just sounds like a red herring; what makes necroing a thread worse than starting a new one, where you have to repeat everything or link back and forth to the previous thread?


You don’t just go around changing titles Willy nilly


You shouldn’t have been yelled at :confused:

I’ve suggested a change to how old suggested topics can show up, and i might look into another option as well so that topics that are definitely finished and never need a reply can be closed.


No, hell no infact. A PM as it stands has a cap of 5 thousand posts, I don’t want to have to be reinvited every week or two.

>raise the cap


And then more bloody tears of muh elitism from people that don’t even use it in the first place


Probably wasn’t actually yelling, but it feels crappy to have Discourse telling you, “hey new user, look at these awesome threads we have” only to have everyone on the forum tell you “why did you bring that up again?”. It’s a really weird disconnect that’s especially unpleasant for newcomers.

For example: the first suggested topics for me right now are from April 2017.


Voluntary CoinHive mining would be nice. Maybe if there were a setting to enable mining a certain amount. And maybe give rewards in the form of extra privileges or something for contributing.


^^^ I like this idea. If I wasn’t using my phone as a hot spot I’d willingly give some cycles to help the forum.


Like what


Nice tit


Fair. I should really touch up my guides.


nothing more than a badge - miner … or it will be unfair to patreon supporters.


I’d like to preface by saying that I’m not exactly innocent here, an I would imagine I could categorize some of the things I’ve said on this forum a bit ‘past the bar,’ and I would imagine others have seen this as well. I don’t always respond so ‘easygoing’ when provoked.
That being said, reasoning for a block/ban should be a good part of what mods do here. I agree that this place could use some more moderation. What I see is the previous era (moderation that went crazy, eventually) to now (moderation that is too light). Of course, the happy medium lies somewhere in between, with the community at the helm. Flags would probably work better if they were responded to in a more timely manner, but I kind of get it.

I’ve also seen behavior far worse on this forum. Its led me to more less become a lurker with occasional limited input. It seems you can’t even make a guide on this forum without negative backlash that ends in argument, rather than constructive alternatives or more information. Everyone has their own way of doing things in the IT world, and I think it sometimes carries over here. I agree with the previous mentions of threads @kewldude007 has listed, especially those in the Microsoft category. Frankly those kind of responses are a waste and don’t add anything to the conversation, I don’t know that they should be allowed to go without notice.

@kewldude007 has honestly given me some perspective since I’ve been here. I’m not always right (or sharing the same opinion), but I try not to be an asshole about it.

I think that outside of projects, guides is really a place we as a community can shine. In depth, step by step details to help the noobs on various subjects. There is a lot of tribal and technical knowledge here.
I really dislike the culture of tech elitism that places even the more difficult subjects under ‘just figure it out.’ But at the same time, we shouldn’t guide things like ‘how to boot to a USB drive’ and such. DIY projects on this forum are really great too.

Agreed. The election is one of the reasons I kind of became less active here. The election resulted in most threads trying to make everything politics related. I came here for tech, and only tech.

Certain negative attitudes (some that are apparently in this thread) are always going to bring negativity to the table. The depth of which should have some limit, some tolerance level before cutting a person off from a thread.
I’ve found that their are people I can happily disagree with on this forum and still get along with. Most aren’t willing to go ad hom on something that they aren’t on the same page with, no matter what it may be. But I think others have gotten away with a lot, and it becomes really annoying. I’ve sensed some favoritism when it comes to things that should otherwise be blocked/deleted, and I don’t like it. This kind of circles back to moderation… but fair moderation. I’ve noticed a fair amount of needless hostility has been allowed here, including the lounge, often for no real reason.
I think one issue I can see here is that some can’t seem to remove themselves from the conversation, step back and look at things from the outside in, including the mods.

Last, while I think content variety is cool, but some of the topics allowed here have gone beyond what should be allowed on this forum. I won’t call anyone out or go into detail, but this isn’t a personal blog site imo. I don’t think that means we’re exclusively tech here, but at some point, seems like a line should be drawn. That is just my opinion. I’m pretty open to all the other stuff I’ve seen here, its cool to see all the little niches within the level1 community.


Basically I’m a non-teckie. Most of the input I can provide is non-tech. I like this forum and am slowly learning a little mostly by osmosis. But if the non-tech stuff was not allowed that would make this site so much less…for me. It helps me feel a part of the community when I can contribute, even if it’s only non tech such as recipes or help with auto mechanics.


People sometimes come there to vent and also lounge while drunk

And then there is drunk venting which is just a cheery on top of the cake.


I’m liking these charts. Scientific.


Yea Lounge Derailing. while Drunk.
@Cavemanthe0ne and I Quote Pyramid while Drunk comes to mind. and the 1 week ban, which i don’t know what for. never got PM or anything. just turned up and couldn’t log in


That was in July of 16 right? and the mods at the time discussed.

Rest of thread: hmmm.

One thing I’ve read probably more true than most things is that a lot of this has been a symptom of idle-hands.

Logged in user traffic is actually up. Some users I have asked to leave after they were caught deliberately trolling repeatedly, including some fairly egregious lies including falsified evidence against other users. Some users’ problems could only be solved by mental health pros.

I tend to keep busy and am pretty nihilistic about most things.

One thing I would like to do that might be a good project for the community would be to gather the motherboard reviews into their own category and make a wiki with tips and tricks for that motherboard. For example nearly all Asus and a lot of ASrock have milti core enhancement. The Asus zenith has that weird half iommu setting.

There is a setting on the designare 399 that dramatically improves stability (gear down mode) etc.

Copy-paste textual versions of my iommu. That will bring new visitors to the site and that type of content curation would be much appreciated if the community executes on that.

For some I think the instinct is to tear down when they see others building up. Some people are like that. I don’t like the idea of the forum being a police state… reading someone’s post history and saying “oh. Yep
Bozo” is maybe handy? Is it a competition for our attention? Idk. To that I would say “girls calm down you are all pretty” haha.

The small help threads are NBD. Categories can be muted. I think suggested thread thing has been fixed.

Any actions that come about from a flag should already be accessible to the user in message form but I should maybe double check that.


When I have a message flagged, I get a PM from your account. Contents quoted below.

That’s all I’ve ever received, regardless of what happens.

I’ve had two instances. One resulting in post deletion, one resulting in me cleaning up strong language. The one which was deleted did not result in me getting a message saying why it was deleted, so if there’s any room for improvement, I think that could be a spot.

That said, @Eden did offer explanation to the deletion of the post in question, which I’m completely okay with, I’m not trying to criticize, just offering suggestions for improvement.


Oh yeah, if there are enough flags the forum will just do it on its own, which is what that message is. If a moderator takes an action from the flag, they can elect to send a message along with the action I believe.

Is this not a good action to take? If you edit the post it will auto unhide it and its saying that several different members flagged it for “offensive abusive or violation of community guide lines”

Some folks have replied to that message, which then goes to either me or the mod team.

One case of that fairly recently really was a group of friends flagging another post that I thought was ok, though, so maybe that is being abused.

Oh and I will say that when something comes up in the mod queue as iffy I will leave it for a bit to see if anyone else flags it. If not then that might be the delay in action in some cases (discussion as well). If several different users flag something, the forum will take it down until its edited on its own. On the surface that seems like good behavior.


Yes and besides of that.
We are currentlly also have a couple of mods who are absent for various reasons.
So that behavior on the surface is fine.
It could sometimes take a littlebit longer before a certain flag gets adressed.
But we are trying to improve on this.