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What Would You Like to See From the L1 Forums and Community This Year?


Just looking to get everyone’s thoughts.

What would people like to see on the forums this year?

This is less around what L1 (wendell, and co) will be up to content wise, and more about that people would like to see on the forums. From improvements, ideas, features, community events and things, etc.

All input welcome.

e1: also very interested in people who might like to run community events and any ideas people have for them.



A user block/ignore function. Several users i would like not to see any input from



IRL event; pub crawl



While i don’t think you can hide posts from people (i can look into a plugin, but i don’t think this is something we want to implement.) you can mute notifications from people, categories, and tags. Muted categories will not show up in the latest feed.


pinned globally #5


well there is one in my town each year in june so if your in the UK deffo :beers:



Nah that’s not what’s needed. Any user should have the function to block/ignore users they are receiving both direct and non-direct personal attacks (spam etc.) from of which the non-directional approach seems to allowed, which is disgusting to say the least.

That wouldn’t limit usability, it may instead encourage some of the users, to use their brain before posting, it’s a forum after all. Taking a couple of minutes before posting is open and should be encouraged. One of some examples, are threads recently made by techlife95 and basically retarded, personal attacks he recieved on level1techs forum. I don’t want to either allow or see that kind of input anywhere. Make your fun somewhere else, there are threads for that or even facebook groups (which is very popular and suitable for populist garbage)

Now you could say that it’s the users fault, for opening a thread. It’s simply not. Not every single being can or has the ability to manage or even comprehend responsibility. That’s actually what moderators are for (wild guess) Not just pin/remove threads.

In not giving the function to block/ignore users, instead encourages personal rhetoric without consequence, to be out in the open and possibly exploited/used later on. (Yes, there are even people that look for that kind of information, some even go to the lengths of saving personal user data on their harddrives, (Yes there are actually people that do that)



I second this.

All those in favour say “aye”

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As far as I am aware, there is no “block user” function in base discord, unfortunately:



Id wont even do that, only mute to mute notifications from users.

I don’t think its beneficial to have either, if there an issue with a post, the correct action would be to flag it.



Being able to delete PMs.

I have the physical addresses of more than one user in my PMs and there is no way for me to really make them go away on my end. If my account is compromised (like what happened a while back where somebody got a database dump or something) then congrats, some jagoff now has the addresses of multiple users.

I think it is. Some users seem to have bad blood with other users for whatever reason, and I think sometimes the easiest way to solve it is out of sight, out of mind.



less cancer and also more cancer




Yes I took the time to make this graph, will update in the future

I’m naming names out of necessity but those named are not the sole problems in their corresponding “specialties”. I’m jaded. This may be the last post I make for a long time.

Both of @Bruger's post are absolutely on point.

The blog subforum has users like @FurryJackman and @techlife95 that the community attempted to help and advise on several occasions to absolutely ZERO avail. I’d rather not know if they ever posted again and sometimes they “leak” to other threads.

@Aremis needlessly antagonizes several users on a semi regular basis and attempts to mitigate it with a /s or saying “its a joke”. No action has ever been taken against him that I know of even after he intentionally necroed a nine year old thread.

@Eagle_88 is shitting up the forum with non-sense on a regular basis and when replied to makes more nonsense. He is formerly Arn_Knudston and he was shitting up some thread in the past and I called him out in the lounge and he has been a tumor to the thread ever since. Biggest regret I have at the moment.

As we learned with this Office thread, there is a crowd of so called “FOSS enthusiasts” …

…here that have nothing constructive to add to anything related to topics related to Microsoft products. Seeing as who made the thread my expectations for the outcome became reality.

I’m aware that immediately after that thread was locked this was added to the about windows section

Do not turn the threads posted here into windows versus linux threads.

Its not that I care about that particular section or topic, its how users conduct themselves in the threads that makes me care about the broader forum less.

I’ve tried being positive and making threads that encourage constructive dialogue, which Poll Syndicate and Small Debates/ Opinion Discussion have been most wonderful at.

Several prominent and constructive users have left the forum or at least significantly decreased activity (some even made there own forum with another lounge) simply to avoid the smorgasbord of garbage posts that have become meta on Level1Techs. It’s not because of “just life happening and people change”

Forum activity has dwindled to a series of mega threads, some unintelligible help desk query with a vague title even after @wolfleben made an excellent guide on thread making which unfortunately seems to have been ignored in whole.

I’m aware that you (“the staff”) are searching for where this missing activity has gone whether it be “PM threads” or “underground lounges” hmmm now you’re guessing who told me. They are a thing but even then they are dying, I’ve stopped using the three I was involved with. I myself am partially responsible for this reduction in activity with creation of a discord not giving anymore info about it other than it existing.


I am also aware that you “the staff” are actively fighting what can only be described as a war on spam bots. Which I must commend you all for. What you are doing beyond that I am oblivious to, I will add that on at least a dozen occasions I’ve linked spam threads or necroes for @Novasty and @wolfleben to shut using the Wire messaging app that also saw some activity but even that group of users has stopped using the platform for previously mentioned discord.

I am surprised that no one asked why I didnt do a 2017 Christmas giveaway like I did for both 2015 and 2016. This forum doesnt have the same charm it used to pre-tekxit and I have no idea how to get it back without a time machine and a whole bunch of people magically disappearing into a black hole.

This probably would have been better served as a PM to either Eden or a group of mods but then that takes this out of the public eye which is where I want it.

extra info this post has over 700 hundred words, over 2000 characters and I spent over 1-1/4 hours making it.



Unfortunatlly the way pm’s work, they are just private topics between individual users.
Thats why normal users cannot delete the pm’s.
I agree that the pm system sucks, but as far as i’m aware there isnt anything we could do about it.
The only way you can get certain pm´s deleted,
is to invite a moderator to that pm or you could flag the said pm and ask for deletation.
Unfortunatlly Discourse lacks a decent pm system.



You mean the thread I made about bio diesel? I just forgot the password to my og account. And forgot the other passwords to my emails to recover the password. And am also locked out. Go ahead and laugh. But the most I think I am guilty of is making a few post that were a bit to lewd. Which was just a picture of a woman eating a gummy worm. But I will take that and being told by @Eden to stop. I just wanted to have a bit of fun in the lounge.



But what I would like to see in the coming year. What are the environmental impact comparisons of electric vehicles. Compared to bio diesel vehicles. I no one does it. Then someone has to do it.




This forum has changed in the short time I’ve been here. Solutions to Windows forum questions are “Uze Linyyx”

That’s not a solution. That’s not advice, not a suggestion, and not helpful. It’s shit.

Better moderation, I guess would be my wishlist. My enthusiasm has dwindled. There are a handful of users that I still engage with, but this place has attracted the Reddit and IRC crowd, I think. I came here for reprieve from those cesspools.

Being attacked based on your personal preference or workflow is unacceptable. This passive aggressive “Windows 10 is spyware” is God damn obnoxious, and a fucking lie.



@kewldude007 Duly noted, i will do better. Apologies for sometimes venting my frustrations with Windows 10 here, i have to deal with it for 8 hours a day every day (Small Business IT helpdesk)



I would consider myself too new to have an opinion about what I’d like to see as part of the forums, but as someone whose experience generally mirrors @anon79053375 with regard to escaping the incessant shitposting circlejerks of other interactive group sites, I hope for the same things.

I generally do more reading than posting since I have a lot to learn from most (especially technical) subjects.

Sad to see @kewldude007’s criticisms, not from the standpoint of their existence but as evidence of possible decline (again, too new to know better myself). The Lounge is too fast-moving for my tastes so no opinion there.

Another vote for user block, that unfortunately seems a necessity.

I will add that this has still been one of the best forums I have ever seen with regard to UX and convenience, as well as general user behavior. I think shutting down political arguments helps a ton, though, so don’t change that!




I do understand what you are trying to say according to better moderation.
And that is a thing we are allways looking into improving on.
Thats why we create topics like this, so that users can share their thoughts and opions.

Of course like any other user on the forum, moderators and leaders are also users in different parts of the world who are contributing their spare time next to their normal life’s jobs etc.

The Flag system is a very nifty tool, that can be very efficient for moderation, if its used right by the users.
The system is ment as a tool for users to sorta contribute to better moderation.
And there for improving the quality of the forum.

But of course we also expect a littlebit of maturity from our users.
Like on any forum, not every user knows how to properlly participate a forum.
En therefor the flagging system is a pretty handy tool,
instead of jumping on the fire wagon against a said user.
Because that will only cause clutter in a topic and turn it downhill.
There is nothing wrong with correcting or call out someone in a proper manner.
But sometimes just using the flag option and let us deal with it is a better solution.
Leaders also have the ability to edit offtopic posts.
And wenn they see such an event, they are privéleged to do so.
Leaders unfortunatlly cannot deal with flags or delete posts.

Still like i pointed out above, we have a pretty small moderation team which is spread pretty globally.
This to improve moderation over different timezones abit.
But of course all those people also have a private life and job.

What i will be looking into, is eventually expending the moderator team in the near future.
To improve the quality of the community in that regards.
But of course we also expect from our users that they act levelheaded,
and being a great example for the community aswell.
Because a community is as great as its users make it to be afterall.