What Would You Improve!

To save you some time i am from the us so i use usd. my budget is around 400 a month. i will be using this as a gaming/ recording/ streaming/ editing rig. i don't care about what provider  you use (as long as they are the cheapest xD) my build is the link below the wall of text.

Hello!, my name is Red and i am here today to ask you fine gentlemen and women (No sexism here!) what you would upgrade on this build. please note that this is my actual build and i am looking to upgrade not to rate the build. (as i collected a bunch of parts and handmedowns and just finished building it. the pcpartpicker list will be linked below. my budget is pretty low around 400 a month if it needs to be i would like a little less though. i will be using this as a gaming/recording/editing/streaming rig so i would like 1080p 60+FPS with the PC recording/streaming .i have no clue when it comes to overclocking but if you have a good walkthrough or something like that, i would not be scared to try it. also my os is needed to be renewed as my hard drive is from my last build and windows connects itself to the motherboard. 

along with this there is a Microphone that i have called a         Samson Co1u (with a mic stand and a shock mount) but i am open to  a new mic as i want what sound good to my viewers.  




Thank you all Much love -`Red

GRAPHICS CARD. I don't really care what you replace it with, anything is better than that GTX 650...its just...bad, and old, and not good enough. I guess I would recommend a GTX 970 or a R9 290X

Get rid of those speakers and GTX 650 and consider an R9-270x. (This taking into consideration if you are on a budget) That is an excellent card for MOST 1080p Games. It will run most of them on High fairly well at an acceptable frame-rate. Plus you get 3 free games which is a bonus. If you aren't on that much of a budget, get rid of those speakers and consider an R9-290 its an Impeccable Monster for around $280

the R9-290 I recommend


The R9-270x I Recommend,


Look into buying a second monitor to make streaming and multitasking a bit easier.

Really the only thing I would upgrade is the GPU. The 8350 is very good in streaming, rendering and most gaming. Your GPU is what is holding you back. Considerably. 

Grab a GTX 970, or AMD R9 290. If you go with the 290 you may want to grab a higher wattage PSU. Like something in the neighborhood of 600W. 500 should be enough but it may be close. The bigger PSU will give you a little headroom. You may want to wait though. AMD is dropping the R9 3XX series in February. Early reports show the 380X, not even the 390X, out performing GTX 980s with similar or less power consumption. 

Next grab a CPU cooler. The stock ones are kinda crap and you can OC with them which is something you definitely want to do. The 8350 OCs very very very well. Even the later lower binned parts do. I'd recommend a decent Noctua air cooler. A NHU-14/15S are good options. Around $70, nearly silent and cools better than an H100 AIO. That should let you OC that 8 core. When OCed it really screams. Get it to 4.8+ and it makes up for a lot of the IPC deficiency. 

Also think about an SSD. Even a cheap 120GB SSD will help start up times, responsiveness and speed overall.I highly recommend that. The Crucial CX100 is great and very well priced.  

An R9 290, 600W PSU and a cooler should be around $380. More for the 970 and everything. Like I said though you may wanna wait. 

So Far that means i need a 2nd monitor a gpu a psu an ssd and a CPU cooler. So along the lines of this? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fdsGHx then is it all going to fit in my case? that would suck ,-, also i have a budget of 400 a month so if i need to save for 3 months or just buy in chunks then thats what i will do i trust you guys. also if you feel like i need to improve an item or there is a cheaper/better item just edit the list and send it back on here *cheers* and thank you all for the great feed back! ill check back every few hours as i am up all hours of the night and day doing server work and the like. Bye for Now!

also thank you all for the support!