What would the best upgrade be for an APU system?

The title really does say it all.

Depends on the current setup and what it's used for.

memory? SSD? better heatsink? better thermal paste? better APU? better Motherboard.

What your title tells me is you run AMD and that's it. maybe upgrade from a cardboard box to a computer case?

No, i see what you mean. I have a computer case AND a  monitor AND RAM  AND a mobo AND a PSU AND - well, that's it. 

You should consider becoming an unappreciated internet comedian.

I was thinking more about gaming. I would LIKE to get an SSD but it's not the best bang-for-buck purchase so It'd be  a tough call. No, what I'm looking for is the best upgrade that will most significantly improve performance, specifically in gaming. NCIX has a video where they conclude that getting a graphics card is the best option but i wanted a second opinion, and so I asked. 

Your queries were fair enough, thank you.

come on op, you're not really giving us anything to go on.


will if I have to go off of this list a graphics card would be best. budget? resoluton? games? we need the details to give a good recommendation

Get an amd graphics card they have drivers that run the apu along with the card kind of like crossfire.

Sorry. I was thinking of an upgrade ~£200 (most likely <=£200). 

I thought that maybe a gpu or a mobo and cpu, but I asked you and I don't want any confirmation bias...

Hybrid crossfire only works with Radeon HD 6670, 6570 (Richland APU) or R7 250 (A10-78x0), 240 (A10-7700K/A8-7600) (Kaveri APU)

1. You haven`t told us your system specs. Is it FM2, FM2+ or AM1 apu?

2. you have not specified your budget in first post.

3. you have not told us what games you will play.

Do you think we can read your mind? 

Wow, all these Intel fanbois. Seriously, if you are running an APU build, put the fastest RAM the motherboard and CPU supports. If you have the A10 7850k, drop in 8-16GB or 2400Mhz RAM. Jays2cents just did a video on that not too long ago. Just using the APU no dedicated GPU, he got with fast ram and medium settings ~50-75 FPS at 1080p in BF4. The RAM is the most game changing factor in an APU build. High speed RAM and lots of it.


^LinuxMaster9 is absolutely right about the RAM. Another upgrade will be the Dual-Graphics setup.

Go online and find the AMD recommended Discrete GPU for Dual-Graphics with your APU. For example, a 7850k would match with a R7 250. So you could get a MSI R7 250 2GB OC. Now, follow a guide to install the GPU into your dual-graphics compatible motherboard:



Finally, you will want to get AMD Overdrive and CCC, and start overclocking. You may need to go through the BIOS if you are overclocking your RAM. I recommend an ASUS or ASrock motherboard.

Or you could get a Athlon X4 860k and a R9 270 for around the same price and not have to deal with the issues that crossfire/dual graphics brings along.

If you want any usefull advice in this forum you should start with providing the full specs of you system next time. Now the discussion is all over the place because everybody is just guessing.

Anyways, let's assume that you have like a Kaveri APU of some sort that you have already overclocked and now you need more GPU power to take it to the next level. Around £200 would get you an R9 290 right now. That's one hell of a card, probably overkill. 175 would get you an R9 285, which would also mean a dramatic improvement in gaming performance.