What would is the worth of my gaming pc?

Hay guys I'm trying to sell my AMD pc computer so I can upgrade to intel.  

I have some people interested on Craigslist and Ebay for my pc but I don't know the proper value.


AMD FX 6350 (2 months old, no overvolting)

Msi 990FXA-GD80v2 (9 months old)

8 GB G-Skill ram 1066 (9 months)

Seagate 1tb hard drive (6 months old)

Rosewill Future gaming case (6 months old, couple of scratches on side)

Zalman 9900max blue led (2 months old)

Rosewill Hive 650 bronze modular psu (2 months old)

XFX 7870 Double D (9 month no overvolting)

If you guys could tell me what its worth that would be great :)






749.99 plus tax 

Its worth that new, Used with scratches on the case would make it $550 Tops?

probably better off brakeing it down tbh 1066mhz ram is worthless thesedays the mobo is ok a case thats batterd around is again allmost wothless secondhand seagate....well its secondhand and a seagate XFX gpu/Psu and the cpu is where the money is your going to be lucky to sell it for $450-$500 with shiping to somebody that knows what there buying.

But then again there are crazy people who buy things for more than there worth on Craigslist and Ebay

How hard is it to do some simple calculations?