What Would be Your Perfect Laptop?

Specs? Size? Feel? Build? Etc Etc Etc. However, try to make it realistic. Something not realistic is: i7 5820k, Nvidia 980, 90watthour battery, less than an inch thick ( a bit of an extreme example, but still )

My Perfect Laptop for School/Simple Workloads:

-11-12.5inch 1080p/1440p, ips touchscreen display
-Less than an inch thick, and with a 360 degree hinge (turned into a tablet)
-Bright white backlit keyboard with adjustable brightness, and have the same size arrow keys (so it doesn't make a square of arrow keys, like some manufacture keyboards). Have FN controls, easy to remove keyboard. Soft-touch keys with lots of key travel. Dedicated caps-lock LED.
-Intel core i3/i5/i7 U OR M level processor, and always stays below 75C
-8GB Memory (not soldered to board) and 250GB+ SSD (M.2 for a larger battery)
-Smooth, glass touchpad
-Metal body
-Easy to take apart
-1 DP 1.4a, type C 3.1 speed, 1 USB 3.1, 1 USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 3.0 SD Card Reader, Headphone jack
-Power and volume buttons on the side of the laptop
-45-60watthour battery, which is easy to remove
-Wireless AC 2.4/5GHz and Bluetooth 4.1
-Dedicated Switch to turn on/off wireless networks
-Fingerprint reader
-1080p webcam
-UEFI which can control fan speed, allow for SD card O.S
-Windows 8.1 with no telemetry and Windows 10 bulllshit
-1000Mb/s Ethernet

Constantly stealing ideas from other posts about what my perfect laptop would be


Perfect Linux "netbook"

Style/Body = I really like the "square" edgy full aluuu-mini-UM style of Apple's MBP.
Size = 10/11 inch 1080p or 1440p IPS screen.
Keyboard = Steelseries rgb backlit chicklet keyboard
CPU = i5 / i7 latest gen
Ram = 2 expandable slots
Storage = M.2 slot
Video = 970m (more for cuda but very capable for Steam)
Ports = VGA / DP / Serial / 2 USB3 / sdcard slot.

Really want something small, powerful, decent resolution, and serial connection for on the go and at work. Would even settle for without the dGPU

Probably the MSI GE40-2PCS.

• 14"
• 1080p IPS
• USB 3.0
• i7
• 850M (basically the mobile Nvidia equivalent of a 7770)
• good build quality
• detachable battery
• great aesthetic
• simple design (it looks like a small Toshiba laptop)
• Sturdy hinges
• Lightweight, good power-to-weight ratio
• enough space for 2 drives
• standard power connector (I have about half a dozen power bricks I can use with it)
• 90W as opposed to 180W for my last laptop
• Beefy enough cooler for the components, doesn't overheat under full load (70-80C is what I'd consider good temps)
• good-sized keys with a good layout
• Doesn't die from being opened.
• Doesn't warp from fast thermal changes in a paper-thin aluminium chassis
• Dedicated hatch in the chassis for user upgrades and repairs so that you don't have to disassemble the entire computer to get at the drives. I'm looking at YOU, GIGABYTE.

I found the last one on the internet. The GE40-2PCS truly is an endangered species. I wasn't even able to find an actual MSI one, it was a 1492 barebones OEM model. I'm super-stoked to get it though :D

Nothing less tha 17".

NO touch screen,

Nothing above 1920 X 1080 (waste of GPU horsepower for negligible palpable benefit)

i7 6700HQ


2TB HDD + 512 GB SSD

GTX 970M (neither 965M nor 980M)

Sturdy hinges

Backlit Keyboard (preferably RGB).

Awe-Fucking-some touchpad.

Intel wireless (No Killer crap)

101.7652351 % Linux Support

Built like a tank.

DO NOT CARE ABOUT: Looks, weight, battery-life etc.

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1440p Touch screen
i7 4710HQ
32GB for ram
2tb HDD + 512gb m.2
GTX 870m
build quality that can actually last for a decent while. (Rough on laptops)
Mac touchpad
Non Killer and Broadccom Wireless

I'm a weird fucker so this will be funny for some.

5:4 screen ratio (1600x1200 is what I use on monitors so that's probably fine, IPS, 15 inch)
960M or equivalent AMD Mobile GPU
8/24 GB ram
Multiple Hard Drive Bays (possibly only 2) and M.2 / U.2 slots
raid support
No HDMI only displayport and thunderbolt
spring-backed back-lit chiclet keyboard (I am thinking of laptops like the ibooks and the NW8XXX series from HP)
NO mousepad, but eraser-head mouse instead
4 USB (2 or 3 who really cares)
Some ability to put in a DVD drive but use the bay as a hotswap multibay
Intel Wireless (with wifi button)
No battery, but a plug that clicks in from the bottom and locks in (I don't like laptop batteries they never last long enough for me)
Needs to be a quad core, but I think a risc based laptop would be neat (probably would go with amd though)
Metal, or partially metal case construstion

I have used 5:4 way longer than any letterbox screen. Its what I prefer :P

Edit: Dual GPU in SLI?

For me:

  • 13/15 inch
  • 1080p/1440p
  • core i7, try to keep the damn thing below 50C when not under load
  • 2 dimm ddr4
  • 2x m.2 ssd
  • wireless AC (intel, for linux support), Bluetooth 4.1
  • good quality UEFI (supporting bios mode as well)
  • 60+ watt/hour battery, don't care about removal, but replacement is a must
  • thunderbolt 3, DP 1.4, usb type C, SD Card reader, 10/100/1000 NIC
  • Intel iris 540 or 550. They're not quite on the same level as a console, but this is a mobile device, right?

I honestl love my T450s (- the trackpad, the nubby is enough) only the screen i would so much love not to be 16:9 but 16:10 or the Surface pro's screen in that package and I would be happy for ever

Mine is really simple, and yet I know it will never happen. I am looking for a killer programming laptop.

First off I want the dell xps 15 base laptop with the 84 watt hour battery.

Rip out the screen an replace it with a glossy 2560x1440 OLED monitor.

Replace the cpu with a i7-6650U. Its pretty speedy, with iris pro graphics and still keeps a 15 watt tdp which is pretty nice.

8GB of the lowest possible voltage DDR4 ram

For storage I would obviously want a NVME PCIe SSD. 256GB is plenty, but I would not mind a 512GB one.

I do not want or need a GPU.

And lastly I want the older macbook pro keyboards. They are nice and strong and have good travel distance.


For me:

  • 15" Display - non-glare Display
  • 1080p
  • Intel i7 6700
  • NVIDIA GTX 980m 8192 MB
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 1000 GB HDD 7200 upm
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Wireless LAN Killer Wireless-AC 1535
  • 4 USB 3.0 Ports
  • Illuminated Keyboard
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Good build quality

Chromebook Pixel with 256GiB of Storage.

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BAM! http://www.eluktronics.com/p770dm

There is most of what you mentioned right there.


14" Maximum
Preferably as light or lighter than my Dell E7440 or my 2010 MBP
Small form factor (the base shouldn't be taller than required for an RJ45 connector, and it MUST have wired networking)
Standard layout keyboard without a number pad (The steel series one that MSI and Origin use is HORRIBLE).
Mini Display port output or HDMI 2.0
Dedicated Graphics card (970m/980m)
>= 256G SSD
16GB of RAM
Proc that Support ESXi and Virtual Box (so pretty much an i7).
2 Type A USB connections

Bonuses that wont make or break:
Intel Wireless (not Killer)
Web Cam
Built In Mic

Sadly the above machine doesn't exist. The CLOSEST thing I've found is the Razer Blade 2015, and it's missing a Wired Network adapter and a DP/HDMI2.0 port which is a deal breaker for me. Using my 4k Monitor at work at 30Hz is painful, even just for coding.

Right now I have the MSI GS70 Pro and my only beefs are the size (17" laptop is MUCH bigger than I thought it would be) and the keyboard is a PIECE OF CRAP. The num row is 1/2 a key offset to the right. I have to type a lot of numbers and the 0 being directly above the P is just too much for 15 years of muscle memory to get used to.

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Well, that's pretty damn awesome. holy mother of storage options too. I'm so glad m.2 is a thing. Greatest invention since 2.5in drives.

Hells yeah! I have a m.2 ssd and Windows 10 boots up about four seconds after it powers on. Soooo sexy.

The Dell XPS 15 9550 BAREBONES. So that I can put my own SSD and RAM and save a lot of $$. Only other thing about it I would like to have in a dream world, is a magnetic charger like the Macbooks.


That magnetic charge is fantastic. That and the touchpad are the two things I miss most about my MBP.

Whenever GPU's get efficient enough, all I want is my X1 Carbon with a nvidia X60M of X70M gpu in it

'bout it

My ideal laptop is honestly the Lenovo Thinkpad X260, configured with an i3, 8GB RAM, an SSD, backlit keyboard, and the largest battery option (which would be extended even further because I'd slap Linux on it and use TLP). Battery life for days and it can still handle anything I throw at it.

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