What would be better: Getting a second 7850 (2GB) or getting a 79X0 card?

Just wondering what would be better, dual 7850's or 79X0 series; they are dirt cheap. I've seen the benchmarks and they perform similarly but i still don't no what to do. I will also be doing a full watercooling setup soon so this does make me lean to the dual GPU option; I think MOAR is better. 


    Thanks in advance, Dom.



From purely a price standpoint, you can pick up a 7850 for like $110 right now..


Which would be around the performance of, if not a bit more than a 7970.


While there are some cons to SLI, (the performance upgrade varies from game to game, however most games do support it and will get the performance boost from it), if your mobo already supports crossfire, and you have enough wattage on your PSU (aka it wouldn't cost you more), then just do the $110 upgrade.


Now if you would have to get a whole new MOBO because yours doesn't support crossfire, it be better to use that money on one card.