What would be a good monitor for me to buy?

I'm thinking of buying a new monitor not too expensive, any size if fine

As mentioned a lot by Logan and people all over the interwebs - get a 27" ShiMian 2560x1440 monitor for about $330. Try to get a pixel perfect one if you want to be safe.

I would honestly avoid purchasing a monitor right now, they are way too expensive for what you get (resolution wise). As Kendon mentioned, those ShiMian monitors are indeed nice, should you get one without any dead pixels.

The problem I have with monitors is that you can buy a 10" tablet with a 2560x1440 touchscreen for about $450, while to buy the same resolution monitor in a stand up format cost well over 3x that price.

One would think that it would be cheaper to produce a standalone monitor, seeing as a fully featured Nexus 10 tablet is so cheap.

I agree with Nate, the current pricing on 1440p monitors is ridiculous...but so is the picture quality and advantages over 1080p.  I pulled the trigger on a Dell U2713HM and will never look back at 1080p again. No buyer's remorse here!

Yeah, it's just that Dell is nearly $1200..

love my shimian

if you want to avoid importing yourself, there might be a chance of someone seling theirs.

i found a guy who is constantly importing pairs of shimians and selling them for a small profit

i bought two (with a friend) and both are perfect for 2x350 bucks

I'm partial to the ASUS monitors.