What would a ASUS Z10PE-D8 LGA-2011-v3 motherboard sell for?

Hi there,I have ASUs motherboard ASUs Z10PE-D8
With Intel Xeon e-5 2620 v3 12 core socket 2011
What sort of price would I get if I sold this item
As I am in later years of life don’t no whet the market price Is

I am looking to swap for motherboard with same socket 2011 with usb 3 connections And sata connections.
I don’t get the full use out of this board think it’s wasted on me
Looking for something with i7 good ram support
Thanks everyone

Add the SATA and USB3 connectors with an add-on card, rather than replace the motherboard?

Brand name 2011 mobo are selling for quite high prices right now, the only cheap ones are weird Chinese creations made from cobbled together spare parts. So you could probably sell your Asus for a good price if you can find the right buyer, but you’ll also pay a high price to get another real 2011 board instead of a Frankenstein’s monster type board.

Go on eBay, look up your motherboard
Then sort by lowest, then sort by buy it now

If you don’t see it search Asus 2011v3

The bottom 3-5 are going to be market price

Everything gordonthree said is correct

If I were you I would sell the motherboard, cpu, cooler, and ram as a combo

Then upgrade yourself to a modern system
3900X have lower power consumption, higher frequency, higher performance clock for clock and the same amount of cores and threads

If you don’t need 12 cores, a R5 3600 will still be great

Hi thanks for your input
Could you tell me if both sockets are working on speccy you it’s only showing one sort will there be any reason for this,or am I over reacting as I am only a novice as I want to sell this board see attached

Only showing one what? Looks like two processors shown in the image.

Thank very much for taking the time to reply.
Very much appreciated I shall put on eBay as motherboard bundle.And hope for the best.

Best of luck with the sale. Might take a bit, but hold out for a good price… A dual socket workstation board like that will fetch a nice amount with the right buyer.

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