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What will happen if I

… insert an m.2 nvme SSD with a Linux OS already installed on it on a brand new computer build?

If you didn’t see my other post about the issues of my first computer build here’s the short version of the backstory.

I recently built a PC with an Asus Pro art motherboard. I began having issues with the dimm slots and I narrowed it down to it being a problem with the motherboard after testing all the memory and the memory is okay. I’m going to end up having to send the pro art board back to Asus as it’s obviously past the return window for the retailer.

I had a Gigabyte Vision DP overnighted from Amazon and I’m into my second build so to speak. Or at least a half a build where I’m transferring everything over to a new motherboard.

However I got these M.2 nvme ssds that already have operating systems installed from the pro art build and I’d like to know if it is ill-advised to insert those with an OS on them or if I should put a new SSD that is empty and unformatted when I boot the new motherboard for the first time?

In most cases Linux should be able to boot just fine as long as you have not blacklisted any drivers you might require in the new computer and your new computer consists of supported hardware.


You shouldn’t have any issues at all booting off the old drive. If you have any other drive installed with a bootable OS you’ll likely have to set your boot priority but other than that there’s no more fuss to worry about.

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Should just boot, but if not you can use a live USB and just chmod over and and fix whatever is not working such as GPU drivers, or GRUB.

IF thas the only drive used, should be 0 issues. If you have more than 1 drive involved with the system [Boot-Program Drive + Bulk Drive], you’d likely need to address mount / drive callout